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BNB Set To Explode?? $1Billion Fund Announced

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0:00 Intro
0:32 Marketcap
1:00 What Is The Binance Smart Chain?
3:38 BNB Token Economics & Utility
6:06 BSC Growth
7:28 Layer-2 Incoming
8:07 Regulatory FUD?
8:28 $1 Billion Growth Fund
9:44 Total Value Locked (TVL)
10:39 BSC Ecosystem
11:34 BNB Technical Analysis



I am not a financial adviser. Please understand the risks behind trading and learn what you are doing before commencing. Trade at your own risk and do your own research.

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  1. BNB is about to burn tokens. This is the main reason the price is going up.

  2. have you looked at the egld exchange supply? almost down to 1m. supply crunch maybe?

  3. Bro can you make video about EOS.
    Great videos, thanks for knowledge sharing!!!

  4. As the only Fintech token on BSC….you can’t sleep on DKYC much longer. Binance is going to swoop it up into their fund pool and you’ll be sorry you missed.

  5. hey when did you upload this video? can you tell me the exact time of upload? I opened a short position with all the fcukin trendlines and its just going up since then. its been more than 10 hrs 😂. tell me the exact time I wanna regret that i didnt find this video early for my whole life.

  6. I’m humbled and appreciate of all you’ve done for my son school bills this 0.1 btc really go a long 🌈🌈 .. you are the best 💯🥰

  7. I love how competitive CZ is…he created the Binance Smart Chain to take advantage of the high Eth Fees…and after that amazing success is now putting 1B into BSC in the face of new competition…dude is relentless.

  8. Hello Jupiter, did u have any video which explain how to sell your investment? Like I bought bnb for 430$ when he reaches he’s peak I would sell it and then buy it again at low cost when it comes down, what’s the best option to do so?