SHIBA INU – Shib Token

BOOM! 1 Billion Shiba Moved – CHARGED 5 Million in Shiba Fees – Shiba Swap Tutorial (SHIB) ShibaSwap

BOOM! 1 Billion Shiba Moved – CHARGED 5 Million in Shiba Fees – Shiba Swap Tutorial (SHIB) ShibaSwap

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I will go over show you BOOM! 1 Billion Shiba Moved – CHARGED 5 Million in Shiba Fees – Shiba Swap Tutorial (SHIB) ShibaSwap

The Shiba Inu token is the foundational currency that allows investors to hold millions, billions, or even trillions, of it in their wallets.

BONE has 250,000,000 tokens and is designed to fit perfectly between the previous two tokens in regard to circulation supply.

LEASH – a total supply of ONLY 107,646 tokens, it represents the other end of Shibaswap Ecosystem spectrum.

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    Launch Funnels, Sales Funnels, shopping carts, Membership sites. And a WHOLE LOT MORE! Wish me luck!!!👍💓

  2. Iam confused the it was said that there are 15 pre-made selections when u add liquidity or create your own pair but if u choose your pre-made pairs there 15..the only 15or 16 is under woof?

  3. Good job m8. Might I say your Shiba Inu coin portfolio is amazing. The biggest I have ever seen on a youtuber. I only have 140mil stakes and 21 bones in liquidity pool with Ethereum. I am w8ing to see the rewards. Keep on adding that value. You a 🐳.

  4. thks for your videos , very informative, can u pls clarify the staking(buriyig rewards), i m staking bone right now, but little confused, says 33% rewards after 1 week, rest after 6 months? what happens if u unstake all after 1 week? u need 1 week min staking to get rewards? thks for explaining

  5. Shiba Inu Let’s go 👉🏾🚀💰🪐

  6. Fees are in all crypto. 5 million to move a billion is cheap my friend! KUCOIN charges 2 million no matter how much you move. I move 20 million to a wallet and it cost 2 million. I moved 60 million and it was still 2 million.

  7. Sell your shibs for Eth, send Eth to your wallet, this method I is without fee…(free).

  8. Show us how to do this? I haven’t figured o it how to transfer my shib from crypto to another wallet

  9. I just buried all mine. Dont feel like paying all those fee’s every time.

  10. You swap some for bone and bury those bones.
    I swap 250 M SHIB for 400 bones

  11. will purchasing bone 🍖 take from Shiba Inu token price ? You have to swap your Shiba for bone 🍖 . If everyone did this will the price go up or down for Shiba ?

  12. WARNING! Coinbase has disabled what appears to be thousands of accounts. People across the country have lost access to their assets. Coinbase will not respond to your customer support tickets or emails. Your money will simply disappear. They will tell you to wait 4 to 5 days for a response. You will not get one. When you ask why no response, you will be told to wait another 4 to 5 days. Meanwhile your profit opportunity will have passed. If you choose to use this exchange, do so at your own peril. The evidence is apparent. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

    WARNING! If you have fallen victim to this Coinbase fiasco, contact your United States Senator (Google them) and United States Senator Elizabeth Warren at I don’t like inviting politicians into the crypto space but countless people have lost millions of dollars and the theft must stop. If the US government blows up the crypto exchanges, it will be on Coinbase’s head, not the account holders. Take the “L” and walk away, Coinbase easily pockets millions.

  13. Can you please show how to transfer from Cryoto app to coinbase wallet??

  14. I would also like to see a video on how to transfer SHIB from Crypto Com App to Shiba Swap

  15. I staked and baked all my shib , it’s woofing bone now , earning bone while I sleep baby , yeah lesgerrit shibarmy .. 8p

  16. —another great video, ADAM !!! Question for you.. I have ‘accidentally’ ended up with some SHIB in TRUST wallet whereas the majority of my SHIB is in a different wallet. Before I send the majority of my tokens to SHIBASwap, should I combine both balances into one wallet and THEN send to Shibaswap???

  17. I’ll probably never use Shiba swap I only have 12 million And I don’t think I’ll get that much more but if this gets to even .001 I’ll be happy !!! That’s more than double of all the money I’ve spent on all my crypto investments

  18. Voyager charges 2mill shib to transfer to coinbasr wallet no matter how manyu transfer!!

  19. He forgot to mention. When you woof their are fees and you only get 33% up front

  20. So they charged you roughly $40 to move roughly $8000 worth of Shiba. Big deal !!

  21. So did you keep any shib in Could one cash out to their bank and avoid that hefty shib fee?

  22. Didn’t understand a word you said. When can I turn my Shiba inu coins so into actual money is my only question.

  23. Keep up the good work, Adam! I’m promoting your videos on Twitter because not many people are illustrating how to use Shibaswap like you are! Thanks!

  24. Hey Adam I have a question ?? Is it worth collecting bone to then woof and re woof bone/ETH with your earnings plus more ETH to make your LP higher Every few days or just don’t touch it and let us sit ???

  25. Sick of all the constant misleading clickbait videos for Shiba Inu? Sick of buying the dip everyday waiting for it to go up and it just for it to stay the same even after this overhyped Shiba swap? Do you wish you got 5% of what everybody bought and sold?
    Come to the baby doge/mini doge side, they are some of the fastest growing cryptos and it’s just getting started…

  26. I noticed you keep getting your millions, billions, trillions, and idk where quadrillions came from in one of your vids about shib lol..

  27. I like your set up looks really good. been enjoying your vids nice to catch your channel just scrolling through youtube..

  28. It’s just $40 relax . Do you know why not everybody gets rich because they want a lot of money but they don’t want to invest they don’t want to take risks.

  29. Dude can you make a video on transferring from Voyager to Shibaswap.

  30. More importantly make a video when you are able to cash out gains out of the swap. Thats the real deal.