BSC Pad Tier System Breakdown

Breaking down the BSC Pad Tier system. I go into detail on the different Tiers. How much it would cost you to get into the Tiers. I show the history fo BSC Pad since its inception. I go into detail of how many projects have been launched on the platform and I crunch some numbers to try give you the user an idea of what you can expect from the top Tier on the BSC Pad.

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Intro 00:00
BSC Pad funding 00:28
BSC Pad Token Price Analysis 01:28
BSC Pad Tiers 01:56
BSC Pad Launches 03:28
BSC Pad Funds raised and Accounts participation 04:07
BSC Pad Blue Diamond Tier 04:55
HappyFans example 5:53
Conclusion 7:32


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  1. Most projects appear to be Gold+ I think there’s a 5 day wait for unstaking your BSCPad also if you want to move it off after a TGE. And have noticed BSCPAD price seems to pump before IDOs and dips in the following days… i.e folks moving on and off the platform. Next project on BSCPad is PulsePad but I reckon i’m no whale so will see what happens. Great vid, thanks.

  2. How does the lottery system works ? say i am a silver tier, Will i get 3 different allocations based on 3 lottery tickets?

  3. So question 🙋 Is it worth it for me to stake at the first level and get 1 lottery ticket? What’s my chances?

  4. can you please help with Nftlaunch , velaspad tier system ? no one is coming out and telling what allocation they are getting in there pool weight.