BSCPAD Facts You Need to Know Before You Invest Your Money.

BSCPAD is all the rage these days and more investors are flocking to the platform to get early access to projects before they list on DEX’s. The returns have been massive for lucky investors but are there dark patterns we need to be aware of? Are they totally honest in their marketing and communication?

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  1. sir do you know how KYC works in bscpad? like what do I need and do I need to take picture of me and my ID at the time of registration?

  2. I did all the steps to join but when it come to like comment and retweet I didn’t know how is that mean like comment retweet bscpad or the project am confused and how do I do it please help am new to this and great info thanks again

  3. How long will the tokens be staked? It says 3 hours before launch it must already be staked, but how long can you use them right away after launch?

  4. Hi bro, really nice video. Its helpfull a lot.
    I have a question, can you connect bscpad to trust wallet or it only can be connected to metamask?
    Many thanks mate. Cheers.

  5. Is metamask the only wallet that can be connected to the BSCPAD?

  6. Very nice video !

    Did you make research on the whitelist for bscpad ido?
    I find whitelist#1 requirements shaddy tbh. I suspect them to WL only the team wallets, my friend is diamond and holding all if his recent tokens but he never managed to buy within the first minute… that’s weird

  7. Hey man can I pay you for your help with setting this up? Is the diamond tier a good way to go now? Is the allocation let’s say of pulse pad going to be enough for the $120000 it costs to make that back? I don’t actually see an exact amount that they give you for diamond tier? Hypothetically if they gave you 100000 pulse and it goes to 50cents you are making $50000 good but that’s only if they gave you that much. What are your thoughts? Much appreciated!!

  8. My question is if it’s worth it to stake on the bronze tier and try my luck with the lottery spot? Not a lot of info on how the lottery works

  9. Thank you for this video! I think its also strange, that the whole BLUEZILLA Ecosystem is lead by anonymous people. It has a bit scammy and rug-pully taste… but the ROI is always great, so what, will keep doin business with them. But, if this building crashes, it will be loud.

  10. Thank you for the video. One question though. Do you know if i loose my previous guaranteed allocations when i early unstake my Velaspad coins? I know that i have to pay some penalty fees for early unstaking but will i also lose my allocations which are waiting for their unlocking dates?