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BUY or take profits? BTC, ETH, ADA, BNB

Is now the time to buy more Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano and BNB or is now is the time to lock in profits? Let’s cover that in 10 minutes!

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All information presented in this video references an opinion of the speaker and is for general information purposes only. You must not construe any information presented as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. Nothing presented constitutes a solicitation, recommendation, endorsement, or offer to buy or sell financial instruments. The speaker is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. For financial or investment advice, seek a duly licensed professional in your jurisdiction, who can take your specific situation into account. Past performance does not indicate future results. You are always at risk of losing all invested funds. Disclosure: The speaker holds Bitcoin and Ethereum ETP price tracker certificates in ISK through his bank. Be wary of the frauds and impersonators in the comments.

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  1. Thank you Sir, too bad to hear BNB looks bearish in the short term… :(

  2. I really love your attitude and approach. Very clear/ concise and refreshing 😎

  3. I am not selling my Ethereum no matter what, I don’t bet on futures or margin trading no matter what, I even refuse to count my portfolio net worth on FIAT. I only use money I am sure I don’t need for the next 12-24 months! This is my investors strategy, and I hope it will prove successful.

  4. Ive been holding BTC since 2017 but need to take profits for a deposit on a house. I feel proud to have proven all the naysayers wrong after the last 4 years of doubt! Thanks for your educational videos, I always enjoy watching them, and they’ve helped guide me. Keep it up!

  5. I think the pandemic have really thought people the importance of multiple streams of income, unfortunately having a job doesn’t mean security..

  6. So happy to find you smack in the middle of the big ones. At that with the most important theme. Thank you, bro!

  7. “You got to have a process”, this is Truth

    The world is built on top of engineering solutions and engineering solutions are based on top of fundamentals such as physics, chemistry, biology which in turn are founded in mathematics

    So there is the discipline of engineering process throughout the whole stack which reenforces the notion of the need to have a process, otherwise your gambling

    It’s past time to check out your course I think

  8. You are definitely the best charting and technical analysis guy on YouTube. Majority of youtubers trying to work this out are just full of shit 😜
    You’re always honest how reality looks like without giving false hopes or trying to pump up some prices.
    Keep on the good work and all the best from Scotland!

  9. Dude thanks, I’ve only been in crypto for just before May and I got to experience that May crash. I got my money out even and then reinvested it in Cardano at a dollar. I got in at a crazy good dip. Only to watch it go up and down and felt like I was missing out on profits. I took my investment out of Cardano at around $1.40 right before the big ball run. Let’s just say I’ve been walking around like I have shit in my pants ever since… I continued to make mistakes and miss out on profits after that

    I think I’m going to purchase your class as my first learning experience of crypto or any market. Thanks for the good info! I def need to learn to steer my own ship

  10. Thanks! Always looking forward to watching your content man. Straight forward and objective. Keep it up my man.

  11. Id love to do the course but the price for me is a little bit high for now. Thank you for another great video.

  12. Advice you are giving about having a process is just right , and is the best advice ever. It is as simple as that… have a plan (tested method), and stick to it. No need for bunch of indicators, and moon charts.

  13. Great show and statistical content but especially love it when you use comedy, irony etc.

  14. BNB/BTC now back above .0076 support following the $1 bn growth fund announcement for Binance Smart Chain. A close above .009 would invalidate the H&S and be a very bullish signal. Exciting times!

  15. Quick update BNB seems to have reversed on the news Binance are investing $1 billion in in the network. Long term as you say, Binance with CZ at the helm is in a good position. As always great great content.

  16. Just one question, I’ve been trading with the Alt/USD Charts for a while now and it worked out just fine. Why is this worse than looking at ALT/BTC. Because I also like looking at the different ALT-Coins without having the influence of BTC in it.

  17. Sold all my alt coins including 5 ETH, 20 Quant and bought Bitcoin. Now i have 1.2 bitcoins. Hope this plays out well. Having anxiety about selling 5 ETH :(

  18. Great video!!! But I’m more optimistic about Bnb. They reclaimed third place and start to make big investments in new projects. They force you to hold Bnb to buy new tokens. But I lost faith in Cardano. Waiting Charles to renew the hopes and disappear soon after

  19. Fantastic show! You are the greatest mate , congrats 👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏👍👍👍

  20. Great video! What camera setup are you using? Production quality is fantastic

  21. I was excited about The Cardano project. But things are slowy with ADA. Slowy is a death sentence in the tech world.

  22. Fantastic video. Really appreciate advice I can actually use, rather than just going on about smart contracts or pointless crypto news.

  23. In my wallet btc, eth, tether. I also started thinking about investing in ada

  24. I was told to check your Youtube videos out a while back, and so here I finally am. I absolutely love your personality, funny for sure, and lust for life as it seems, so after watching some of your videos, which include some of your beautiful family & kids, I must tell you, that I have been laughing more than learning, but since I value laughing a great deal, oh well. I find much if not most of what you are saying absolutely fascinating, and from the little I know, why you most certainly know your crypto. I personally have quite a varied crypto portfolio, because I find that there is so much confusion out there, most likely on purpose. I have btc, ether, solana, xrp and a dozen others, but of my crypto holdings, XRP is about 40% of my total, so a bit worried, not sure if I should sell some to reduce my exposure in case the lawsuit goes against Ripple? I am looking into purchasing more Ethereum, but I wonder if XRP wins this lawsuit, what will that do to Ethereum and others? Also, what outcome would harm Ethereum the most if at all? If you could elaborate just a little bit, it would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Terje

  25. I really learned a lot from you. I haven’t seen all your videos but u are one of the only ones who truly tries to help people and then get views.
    It happened to me that my comment in another youtuber who was suggesting “shitcoins” that didn’t even have a github project and my comment got deleted in 20 min asking where is the github project.

  26. Hey Larson. I’m in my mid 20’s and work minimum wage. I’m looking to learn more about investing/finance as its very interesting to me, and I have hopes of generating some income with it in the future. I have been binge watching your content and the content of others trying to learn and soak up as much information as I can. But its all a bit overwhelming. I was hoping for some advice. Mostly on the things I should focus on learning. The fundamentals. I’m not sure what they are or where to start, be it technical analysis or something else. I don’t really have anyone to ask questions to, so im starting from basically nothing except motivation and drive. I’m very serious about this and really want to improve my life. Look forward to a response if you have the time.

  27. That’s great. Thank you very much.Let’s try !!! I like KDG token, can you review it?

  28. Hi! Where can I find my own referral link if I already created my account? I want buy Token KDG. Thanks!

  29. I think you are the best youtuber about blockchain market i ever know. But i think you should take a look in other project, maybe small one but potential like KDG.

  30. OMG. You are really good youtuber. I love your video. Now i hope u review token KDG, I am curious about this token

  31. Good review. Maybe u need to take a look at other project. How about KDG, they focus on NFT Game and their product is quite good

  32. After hearing what you shared, I decided to join the NFT market. Can you recommend me some projects, recently I heard about KDG