Elrond – EGLD Coin

Buy some Elrond EGLD right NOW?

In this Elrond Price Prediction and Technical Analysis, we look at the EGLD token and compare it to other crypto altcoins. Is the EGLD coin a good investment right now? Does it make sense to buy the dip of Elrond? In this Price Prediction, we will do an Elrond review and look at the risk and reward of the cryptocurrency.

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor and this video does not constitute financial advice. This video is for entertainment purposes only. Please do your own research before making financial decisions.

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  1. I think elrond is a good example for the limited perspective technical analysis offers. I think the very good fundamentals and advanced tech tell a different story. Price is influenced by a lot of exterior factors such as media attention for example, especially in crypto, therefore tends to tell more about the past than for the future. But only time will tell. Good Video and i think elrond will play a very important role in the crypto market and is still in its early stages.

  2. great video on Elrond! I’ve been very confused on the price movement of it, your analysis cleared up a lot.

  3. Good content thanks. On which time frame on the chart do you check the RSI? And what period do you set the RSI to?

  4. Moin Gerhard, tolle Analyse! Ich bin seit rund einem halben Jahr (u.a) in Elrond investiert. Grundsätzlich frage ich mich, ob meine Coins im Bärenmarkt nicht günstiger nachzukaufen sind, sprich ich würde dann die Profite im Top versuchen mitzunehmen. Dies trifft auch auf andere Coins zu, hab den ersten Pump Ende 2020/Anfang 21 soz. verpasst. Hast du hierzu eine Strategie?

    Beste Grüße aus BaWü,
    Abo ist drauf! 👍

  5. The fact Elrond never had an ico offering . Never had a big fund raiser from big institutional investors help get the project started is crazy . Like for an example avax had like 200 million in funds to help get the project started … Elrond only started with 1.8 million to get it started with its own team .. no marketing hype for Elrond . With the 1.8 million to get it started and it’s still in the top #40 in rankings is crazy impressive and never had no downtime like solana did

  6. Thanks for the analysis, but it does only half the job of what it wants to achieve. Assessing relative outperformance is necessary, but its analysis has to be age-adjusted respectively phase-adjusted. sideways on the x-axis.

    I think it’s a fallacy to conclude from somewhat synchronous fractal geometry in the charts that altcoins are basically interchangeable, even competitors at any given point in time and vie for outperformance at that point in time. Zoomin way the heck out on charts and comparing their relative outperformance by sliding them on the x axis to align according to utility deployment milestones may be more fair I think.

    Elrond does appear to have superior fundamental technology on one hand and is in an earlier stage of rolling out utility on the other. It punches above its weight in many ways, as exemplified by the fact that it even already shows up in this comparison in the first place.

    I can outrun tomorrow’s Olympic sprinting champion right now, because he is in elementary school. Compare my elementary school performance and suddenly I’m not so hot.

    To measure its real longterm quality, we have to measure its phase adapted outperformance/underperformance, not its current outperformance/underperformance . Does Elrond outperform the market more right now than others did directly prior to their DEX/AMM and NFT deployment?

    These are dry-powder multipliers that have yet to factor in for Elrond. Most others have used up that dry pow and will run out of breath due to constitutionally unsolvable trilemma problems down the road.

    TLDR: Yes, we have to compare relative current outperformance/underperformance of today, but we have to compare it to relative performance of competitors whe they were that age (utility-deployment-wise).

    Liebe Grüße

  7. Can you possibly take a look at chainlink sometime soon with the AP news today?

  8. Great video!! And about the supply, that’s a theoretical max supply, with adoption that supply will never be reached. So it’s more scarce than it looks.

  9. Can you look at a low cap called Phuture & if not do a review , give me your opinion personally, please n ty?

  10. The fact that EGLD has had 2 ATHs in the last months shows how booming this project is!

  11. The Elrond rocketship was launched today! Moon time! Rebalanced this morning, bagged some Fantom and Polygon to go along side Ethereum and Elrond. Approx 40% Ethereum, 35% Elrond, 12.5% Polygon and Fantom. Ambitious i know.

  12. Great analysis that most people don’t do. Through explanation of market caps and whether a project is still in development or not. Most people just skip through this and give some bullshit price target

  13. Sold all my Elrond I bought at the beginning of the year now I’m just waiting for a dip to buy back in