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Buying Saitama On Bitmart Cheaper No Uniswap High Gas Fees

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  1. Dude look at ur fees. I jist tried and its about 70 bucks of network fees and processing fees.

  2. i instantly got my account hacked on the app, im surprise how much you show on your account.

  3. Moonplay rip off, got charged $54 to purchase USDT. You should have mentioned the block chain fee.

  4. For those using this method and having trouble using all or a certain amount of the USDT you want. This may help, after you buy USDT and attempt to buy Saitama. When it asks you how much Saitama you would like to buy make sure above where it shows your USDT balance (on a computer) it’s set to “Market” not limit. Then input the amount of USDT you would like to transfer to Saitama. Hopefully this helps a few as I know I was confused at first and only purchased 0.9 Saitama at a time.

  5. Perfect , I just ordered on bit BitMart yesterday and they gave me free processing on my next order because it took too long on my first purchase

  6. Can you please do a video on Winry Inu? 3 week old coin, 150% growth over the past 24 hours, 250%+ last week, 1380%+ the week prior, liquidity locked, doxed devs, contract audit next week, still has 11 zeros, very active community, engaged devs and is growing steadily with support levels along the way.

  7. Man you’re a scammer yourself as the bitmart is also a scam. I downloaded and and bought EOS, it hasn’t reflected on my account yet. Why do you have to spread falsehood man

  8. How to withdraw Saitama on bitmart. The withdraw button is not enabled. I have 1 billion in there.

  9. Hey man, after I bought USDT, it shows in my asset. But when going to but Saitama, it shows I have zero USDT. Please any take on this

  10. It looks like you paid an extra 48 in fees on top of your $200 purchase…is that correct?…your total was $248

  11. I have Saitama in BitMart and want to withdraw to my wallet but it says unavailable.

  12. Hey I have $200 worth of Bitcoin asset in BitMart. I wanted to buy $90 worth of kishu inu. But each time I place an order to buy, the BitMart system kept telling me I do not have sufficient balance. What should I do please. Do I need to convert Bitcoin to usdt tether to place a successful order?

  13. just bought some usdt and it appears under (buy & sell) but when I go to Saitama to trade it says there’s no balance. Does it take a long time for me to be able to trade saitama?

  14. Hey i use Bitmark and been trying to logging back to see my asset and they not responding back to me. I’ve press forgot my password and waiting on a email to reset my password for 3days now and still no response. Which i took a screen shot of my password before signing up and they telling me my username and password incorrect.

  15. First of all thanks for making this video
    and second I have high hopes in Saitama inu to the moon

  16. Why I can not withdraw or send my Saitama from BitMart to Trust wallet ? It’s grayed out !!!

  17. Anyone have an idea why they still won’t allow withdraw for Saitama!? Suuper shady

  18. 01:42 why does the deposit withdraw not work for certain coins? can someone explain? for some coins deposit and withdraw is grayed out, not allowing you to choose that action. what is going on? im trying to withdraw my saitama but it wont let me.

  19. So I purchased the USDT on Bitmart, but when I went to trade, there is no USDT available to trade even though it appears in my assets. Now what!?!?

  20. you failed to mention the fees MoonPay charges…lowlife rip off pricks

  21. After I buy Saitama like this, can I transfer it to my coinbase wallet? If so, would you mind explaining how?

  22. What he fails to mention the are the additions fees. Example on $92 .00 USD moonpay upfront fee is $1.06 But then there are processing fee & a missive network fee so that $90.94 plus the fees ttl cost $131. plus. What is cheap about this? answer: nothing…. Do your homework we all want to make money without being ripped off.

  23. you just paid 48usd of fees just to charge your account?? Damm that crazy expensive

  24. DO NOT BUY ON BitMart, you don’t receive reflections, BitMart receives them since they actually own the coin. Also, BitMart Requires a min of 2B Saitama to be withdrawn.

  25. Bitmart exchange doesn’t give you reflection. Rather they take all the reflections. 🤦‍♂️

  26. I’ve watched your videos several times and I still can’t buy saitama I need to know what I’m doing wrong…need help please 🙏🏾

  27. thank you for the video! If I were to sell saitama for USDT and transfer it to coinbase wallet, how much are the fees?

  28. They hit you in the back end! Hard asf. To transfer my 4.3billion out of BitMart to another Wallet gone cost me 943million!

  29. Where the fuck BitMart put the reflexión ? I already fed up with them mtf cuz it don’t allow me to withdraw my fucking saitama to my ledger also .

  30. Do not buy on Bitmart. Bitmart is wanting to charge me 1 BILLION Saitama to withdraw

  31. The problem with these platforms is that they reduce your money as long as the price is low or the curve is red. if you look into your wallet at some point, you will notice that the money is reduced, do you have any solution for this Problem There :) ?

  32. Moonpay fee is outrageous probably better to transfer from an exchange like binance.