PancakeSwap – Cake Token

CAKE Breakout is still possible ! Price prediction and how to get higher APY !

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The combination of NFT Marketplace and Decentralized exchange Plattform makes me super excited about the future of Pancakeswap.
This means also more value and more usecases for the CAKE token !

The pancakeswap website has already been updated and we are seeing the NFT market place for pancake bunnies !
the pancakesquad is coming on the 7th of october !

you can support me here, also usefull information are posted here ;)
Usefull Links:

How to set up a NFT profile :
Upgrade your Metamask to the BNB network in order to contact your wallet with Pancakeswap:
Buy Crypto on Binance in order to send it to your metamask:

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  1. As you said in the beginning, it’s hard to be a cake fan. They’ve done several big implementations, and tlit doesn’t translate into price action. It’s being heavily outperformed by many top 50 alts. Considering exiting to be honest, and I’m heavily invested in CAKE. The inflation might just be to big for the token.

  2. People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Crypto as it’s retracing….BE WISE

  3. Been watching your channel for a while, to see that you’re gonna break the 1k subscribers soon is incredible – but definitely deserved, keep it up

  4. Hi, i have a question
    I sold DOT with a profit and i have some money to spend right now
    The question is – what to buy right now / what to invest today?

  5. feel like lot of investors have their bag in this keeping the price low for nfts maybe ? also is cake inflationary or deflationary ?

  6. I think too many people expect to turn a profit in an unrealistic timeframe. Most importantly, patience is key. Been in crypto for barely a year and I’ve learnt so much from my mistakes, like selling when I see the price going down, or when it trends sideways for too long.

    I stand with you on being more productive and constructive with our comments. Took your advice and moved my cakes to planet finance and am happy to see it growing slightly better than in pancake swap. Can’t wait to see this channel hit 1k. Any day now. Keep up the great work my friend and stay safe.

  7. Planet FInance does not work for me. It never loads the pool info. Is it banned in US?

  8. APY rose today from 73% to 78%, bitcoin dominance of course is in a recovery uptrend but hope CAKE pumps in between those BTC Domincance fluctuations down. Anyway, I wanted to ask, do you think we’ll see CAKE pumping back to the ATH??? thxx for your work man

  9. @Daily Crypto Trading  Really ? 😥😥PLEASE make this happen i have invested my big amount on Cake and buy on $19 in July still stuck on $19😥