PancakeSwap – Cake Token

CAKE Coin Is Done! Will Crash To $5! PancakeSwap Crypto Price Analysis

Will cake recover or is the worst yet to come for Pancakeswap cake token? In this video, I will explain my analysis behind the $5 price prediction. I think Cake crypto will crash further in the coming months.

I will share with you information such as; cake emission, the November report, and cake coin price analysis.

The content in this video is my personal view and not financial advice. This information is found publicly on the internet. Please do your own research before making any investment decisions. I’m not a financial advisor.

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  1. If you are not a biased your Tuber.. make a comparison video UNI vs CAKE. and put your points let’s see far good cake is…. Do u dare??

  2. Hello Pal, I always wonder do you know👇👇👇👇
    These CAKE emissions are because of high APR on staking on Pancakeswap, right?
    Then, why Pancakeswap so much need their tokens to be staked??❓
    Are they afraid people would have no utility of CAKE tokens and sell them?❓
    Or what? Do you have a say for this interesting question?

  3. Bought cake of 70 for 20$ im in dangerously loss i should wait probably or atleast wait until i get profit through pool.

  4. Call me paper hands but I just bought cake 10 days ago at 12 I was concerned about cakes”s ever increasing supply and bearish market but today i just stumbled upon this video and decided to sell cake on a minuscule profit, which would have turned into a colossal loss, Thanks man

  5. Man all defi is down stop fud at least even if it reached 5$ the apy e will increase as well it’s a long term investment not short also panckswap is the biggest decentralised exc

  6. I have bought cakes at $20. As the price goes down, should I hold and wait for the rise or sell with the loss?

  7. Can you do a video on fusion protocol and anyswap changing its name to multi chain could be a big 10-100x

  8. I’m so grateful for your warning, got me out of Cake between $ 16/20. Went into Polygon and it was very good!

  9. 5$ is quite possible if btc goes to 38k but what am seeing is inside candle and it broke already so first target would be between 17-20$ then 5$ again quite posible.

  10. If Bitcoin shoots up now then so will CAKE. Then if people want to buy gaming tokens they will probably to use Cake. So cake could explode next year you never know. Your concerns are legit but if the market explodes people will start going nuts as usual.

  11. Team is actually doing nothing if they added some type of safe where u can deposit your cake for extra 20% but you would have to freez it for a 3 months cake would sky rocket, also more volumen mean more fees so more cake burned in my opinion this is not end of this buble so when bnb prices will go up the number of burned cake will also rise making price go up

  12. Just fud fud .. you’re already sold why you keep fuding .. to buy it cheaper maybe ?

  13. you so funny man market is correcting so most coins and tokens undervalued best time to enter alts is now .i bet you will create a video tomorrow” Cardano is dead “.lol

  14. Cake will never crash you do not no nothing just fudder now cake launch ifo.3 price will rise overtime there is one another big news. Coming for cake may be limit order lending platform you will regret

  15. If he is opposing cake rhen its bullish for cake mark my word bro you will see he thinks that he is more smarter than cake devs

  16. in September you said it will hit 45$ and now complete opposite, you really need make things clear especially for yourself 😂😂😂😂

  17. is it smart to bail out now having bought at 16.800 usd or just sit tight? quite new in crypto

  18. I agree fairly well with that analysis; devs have really slowed down in product development despite hiring substantially more team members. Lending/borrowing could be their saving grace, but they really needed to be releasing more deflationary products now before bitcoin recovers so they could break the strong correlation to the btc price and attract people looking for strong projects while btc is (relatively) weak

  19. Hello! I just watched this video…do things still look bad for cake? Any update?

  20. Thanks to save my money I was putting my money before a mint then I checked your vedio it’s one month old vedio when price was 14 now its 7 its means it’s coming to 5