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CAKE – Crypto #shorts

CAKE – Crypto #shorts
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  1. Not more like clickbait, charts don’t work every time like that paper…. If it work every time all people get be rich….

  2. *The economic hardship, recession, unemployment and the loss of job caused by covid pandemic is enough to push people into financial ventures. Summer is here again with lots of activities to be enjoyed. Well, I’m taking a trip into investing because I lost so much during this pandemic. Multi creation of wealth is the best strategy to ensure financial sustainability.*

  3. Bro like this is the hour chart, and doesnt even show anything promising

  4. Sorry but This guy doesn’t know anything about trading! I feel bad for those who take him seriously

  5. Hello, I want to buy an analysis book, can I give it (usdt) because I live in Iran

  6. Double check the requirements for three white soldiers.. ;) should not have big wicks on the upside.

  7. lol 😂 right before this set up there’s a similar set up with three green candles…and it goes down the toilet… look for yourself

  8. …. Yeah but the 3 white soldiers are candles with big bodies and no wicks

  9. Nice sense of humor on the crypto roaller coster , can you make video like this With Vpad please ?

  10. Hlo sir i want all these patterns so is there any of your telegram channel Or something else where u can share it with us