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CAKE Price Prediction 2021-2022 🥞 Pancakeswap Price Prediction 2021-2025 🥞🥞🥞

CAKE Price Prediction 2021-2022 – Pancakeswap Price Prediction 2021-2025

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This video is all about CAKE price prediction, and to be specific, CAKE price prediction 2021, and also in the future CAKE price prediction for 2025 and even 2030. What you’re probably most interested in is the the Pancakeswap price prediction and CAKE crypto in general, but I’ll give you all the info on Pancakeswap price prediction today, Pancakeswap technical analysis and much more than just Pancakeswap price analysis. We’ll talk about Pancakeswap technical analysis historically, CAKE and how it works, my personal CAKE Coin price prediction 2021, CAKE technical analysis, today’s Pancakeswap analysis, CAKE news, and CAKE Network price increase in the next few days/weeks/months/years. Enjoy :)

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00:00 Intro & Proof
00:34 Like & Sub
00:53 CAKE Website
01:52 CAKE Twitter
02:06 What is CAKE
04:20 CAKE Price
05:30 CAKE Prediction 1
05:57 CAKE Prediction 2
06:54 CAKE Prediction 3
07:45 CAKE Prediction 4
08:26 CAKE Prediction 5
09:01 CAKE Prediction 6
09:50 CAKE Prediction 7

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  1. Amazing video,I learn many things about cake price prediction from this video.

  2. Well explained and expert analyzed price prediction video of Pancakeswap.. I can learnt lot of important information from this video..

  3. I can’t describe how much your help meant to me.Thank you for your video

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  5. Amazing video, really it is the most relevant and valuable for me. Really, we can easily know tips and tricks about CAKE Price Prediction. I appreciate this video.

  6. Excellent video, thanks for sharing this valuable information CAKE Price Prediction

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  8. Well presented price prediction video on Pancakeswap.. I can learnt lot from this video.. Thanks..

  9. Well presentation on price prediction video on Pancakeswap, very informative and helpful review. Thank you for your video

  10. total bullshit price predictions. It will by much higher and very soon till the bear market

  11. Detailed explanation with good of presentation regarding CAKE Price Prediction

  12. Fantastic CAKE Price Prediction. Your Price Prediction always perfect. Thank you.

  13. Very helpful and honest presentation on CAKE Price Prediction .. This is really a wonderful reference for learn more about this product..

  14. I have a good part of my portfolio in Cake, an amazing project and the Defi world is just beginning. This is the passive income of the future.

  15. its NOT decetralized since Binance chain is NOT decentralized and ofcourse it can NOT be trusted since Binance can NOT be trusted

  16. What the heck is going on with CAKE. It’s not following BNB or the rest of the market. Should we sell?

  17. Lol these youtube noobs using websites to predict prices instead of TA. Still a big holder of cake

  18. The best site to invest so far 👆👆it’s really awesome you guys are really legit..👆👆

  19. Iam holding bag of cake… But now seriously. It looks like 90% of those commentators here are bots. :D it looks like generated text, TBH. :D

  20. This token is a lot too much inflationary to have a constant raising of the price. 2030 @200$ to me is extreamely bullish.

  21. Cake at 15$ now – cake was a stable coin at 20 19$ not following BTC trend anymore only losing value on each dump and keeping flat on each dump – much to blame on the inflationary nature of this coin and inability to burn tokens. Unless something changes There are better investments out there in my opinion

  22. So this proves everyone was wrong in their price prediction as nobody expected to see cake at 10$ in december 2021😂😂 We will never see 45$ again trust me