PancakeSwap – Cake Token

Cake Pump or Dump ? Did I 10 x StackOS ? Price prediction and I am answering your questions pt.5

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0:00 Intro
0:20 All questions about CAKE
7:16 Which coins fort he bear market
9:41Why do I like the BSC ?
11:04 Are you staking on MARS?
11:30 Wagyu Swap ?
13:18 Ryoshi Token ?
13:47 all questions about StackOS
16:31 Outro

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and after that here:

Yieldfarming for Beginners:

Understand Axion:

Impermanent loss calculator:
How to provide Liquidity on Uniswap:
How to provide Liquidity on pancakeswap:
How to farm on Centaurswap:
How to farm on Solana:

Stackos Staking platform:

Buy Crypto on Binance in order to send it to your metamask:

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  1. I swaped my CAKE tokens for BLANK tokens. The project looks solid for me, thanks for info about BLANK

  2. how to determine if the coin in undervalue or overvalue base on coingecko stats ( market cap, vol. ,TVL, circulating supply, total suply)?

  3. Hello there, nice video

    Let’s say for example I stake lp token a month ago and keep adding up to it every now and then, how we calculate IL since I’m adding up to my Lp at different prices
    Or maybe the ratio stays the same as my first transaction ?

    So therefore sometimes I must better unstake my lp token and restate them?

  4. Hey Simon, regarding stackos, do you think we can buy it on the BSC if we want to participate in the nodes? Thanks!

  5. Curious if the high staking APY on Binance is impacting CAKE price. Increasing the supply of the token

  6. Hi sir how r u..
    Sir plzzzzzz rply what we do at this time bcz cake day by day decrease its value and increased circulating supply me in loss almost 30% what should i do now..plz rply or possible to make a video on cake then plz make a video… We need ur advise 🙏