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CAKE PUMP or DUMP ? Price prediction and I am answering your questions pt.2

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Video about planet finance:
Planet Finance is another decentralized exchange platform on the Binance Smart chain with huge potential. It is in the early stages, many things are coming and the APY is currently super high.

Usefull Links:
Planet finance website:
Upgrade your Metamask to the BNB network in order to contact your wallet with Pancakeswap and Planet Finance
Buy Crypto on Binance in order to send it to your metamask:
How to add Polygon Network to your Wallet:
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  1. it’s harsh, previously its always followed BNB, but its really struggling at the mo, i mean nothing has fundamentally changed its just gains in other tokens and impatience of people combined with lowering yield returns are making things look worse.

  2. Hey Simon. I moved my $CAKE tokens from PCS to Planet after watching your previous videos.
    I considered Autoshark and Swamp but the deposit and withdrawal fees were too much, especially for a crypto plankton like myself.
    Planet was fine.

    It’s sad to see Cake take a hammering and not recovering. My fellow $CAKE HODLers, I hope our time to celebrate comes soon.

  3. Thanks for answering my question on RAINI. :)
    I’ll go and watch your video on it.

  4. Have you heard of Cake Monster and if so what are your thoughts on it? 🤔

  5. I didnt even know about XMS but I feel like with staking there I can make up for the price loss I made with cake

  6. Hey man, Thx for the video, I was expecting for it to do a lot better indeed. However I’m flipping mines to feg and rox, both deflationary and feg will be challenging soon enough pancake on the DEx arena

  7. In theory it should pump cuz meme coins are going ape shit but it’s just not moving with BNB or any other dexs’, totally doesn’t make any sense.

  8. Have been looking at DEX and AMM for some time and I came across Integral. The founders and backers looked really high profile and the promises are really big. I bought a small amount of their token and it still had a dip despite its really low market cap (I don’t know how can the market cap of this coin be this low given the founders) please talk about it for a minute in next video.

  9. there really needs to be more users too joined. It’s been 2.8 million for about 3 months. Even with the nft market place, users haven’t really grown. With the one year anniversary, i thought big things for cake, but i think it was a chance for long time users to dump their coins. i was checking out other swaps like sushi, dini, uni, and they are all doing much better. 😑 and they didn’t have any big news.

  10. I’m really getting sick of cake only using it for its apr and I bough this ahit at 43 usd I’m loosing my patience with it

  11. Bro can’t understand what to do, I’m holding $2000 worth of cake since 2 month but why it’s not pumping. It’s very difficult for me to take decision, Please brother help me, it’s my request to you

  12. I’ve staked Cake on Red Planet. Do I have to claim my rewards and reinvest in Aqua for the 98 APY? Ot just stake my cake and it will just do it’s thing. I feel like Pancake swap sit was accruing more money and coins than PF is. Let me know if there is anything else I should be doing on PF for Cake. Thank you!