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Caladrius Biosciences stock (CLBS) stock! Direct Offering? Buy Now or Wait? CLBS Stock Analysis!

Today I talk about Caladrius Biosciences stock or CLBS stock. This is a penny stock that recently made some very big moves! Currently, the stock is sitting around $2.50 and amazingly has a market cap of around $70 Million! The question becomes how much upside does this stock have? Is CLBS a buy now? Is Caladrius Biosciences penny stock ready to break out? Their CD34+ therapy is very interesting and is currently in clinical trials. CLBS stock analysis, let’s talk about it!

Invest at your own risk and recognize that I am not a financial advisor. Any money you put into the stock market can be lost, only invest money that you are willing to lose and consult an advisor before doing so. Please be careful when investing! I am not liable for any losses based on statements I make on YouTube or any other platforms, please seek professional help before investing into the market. This video is for entertainment purposes ONLY!

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  1. Nice video bro. Definitely gonna do some DD.
    Glad you are putting in some work! Good job👊🏽

  2. when you buy a companies share specially these bio tech companies you’re helping the company to raise more cash to finish their project faster, once their catalyst is out you’re gonna gain x2 x3 more of your money !!

  3. Can you check out DARE? I hear about that one a lot from some very experienced people.

  4. CLBS CEO will be speaking this week in a conference Feb 16-18 and 65 million dollars offering is closing this week on Feb 17. These 2 major catalyst will be driving the CLBS past $4 or closer to $5. This is very promising company and they have received a Japanese FDA approval.

  5. But how do they operate with no revenue in the company??? The only thing that is stopping me from buying the stock