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Cardano (ADA) Buried in dApps | Cardano Rumor Rundown #280

Soon, Cardano will be buried in dApps. Just on the DeFi front, we may soon have Sundae, Muesli, Adax, Liqwid, Minswap, Wingriders, Maladex, Cardax, Meld, Genius Yield, VyFi, Ardana….and the list just goes on forever. This year we may even get the network improvements that will allow throughput sufficient for these dApps to run correctly. Some days this week, it’s been hard to even see that future. But, it’s actually coming & the real question is actually what happens after that.


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0:00 Intro
1:11 Why hasn’t DeFi Caught on?
8:39 Dexes on testnet
9:26 ADA Realm talking about VR & AR
11:18 America Competes Act
13:46 FOMC Policy Statement


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  1. lol its funny cuz my mom does follow cardano and crypto news to the best of her ability, checks tradingview daily, the whole 9 lol she doesn’t understand everything and the specifics, but she’s very interested for sure

  2. None of the metaverse will get there…remember PlayStation Home, like 13 years ago? You think these garbage metaverse projects can make better games than SONY PLAYSTATION????

  3. Hmm, its true. we need to understand the needs and/or wants of a much broader demographic to capture mainstream adoption. Thinking in the case of our predecessors is tough one, what financial or trust related products are they looking for or can be convinced of that are not satisfied by the traditional centralized markets? Depending on how well they have handled their finances in life, they probably have a relationship with the insurance industry, they have a mortgage and/or equity in home ownership, one or several retirement accounts, they may even have an account with a financial advisory firm. We talk about tokenizing important documentation, but older generations (at least here in the US) already have small file cabinets or fireproof cases to store such things. While you can easily argue that it would be much more responsible to digitize and back those things up, such talk falls on deaf ears. You might say that’s a straw man, but that is in particular, my Moms attitude. I have a hard time getting her to use a password manager, even though I could point it out as a fit for purpose solution to her pertinent problems. Older generations don’t find technology sexy, they don’t intuitively see the quality of life or organizational improvements afforded by personal computers, let alone a remote trustless decentralized network. Much more generally, this isn’t a UI/UX problem to solve; there is still a major gap in understanding why its even worth learning crypto/blockchain in the first place? What real benefit does a trustless economy provide? I think as far as our predecessors are concerned, true adoption will only come after our space comes up with that first unicorn utility: that’s not fintech or adjacent, can’t be duplicated in the centralized world, and therefore can’t be ignored for it’s profound or unique benefit.

  4. ….that’s why “all those mums” will join when the real fi potentiel opens 😊🙏

  5. “Your mom doesn’t care about Defi” –Army of Spies’ conception of a ‘your mom’ joke.

  6. Just an Editing tip, AOS. Use the De-Esser effect on Ppro to make your “S” not too strong or sharp for the audio. it hurts the ears. Cheers!

  7. Monad spoke at length yesterday about his opinion on the current state of the “metaverse” projects building on cardano. He made a good point about Pavia and thier pinned tweet, and the fact that it looks like a badly made YouTube advert, so if they can’t even make a good advert how are they going to build a cross chain, massively multiplayer digital economy. He also commented that his idea of a metaverse is a much more grande vision than anything anyone is building, even game dev studios with billions of dollars can only accommodate servers with up to say 100 people. We are a far ways off from the ready player one style worlds of thousands of people all interacting together in a digital version of real life. There will be a realisation at some point where the bubble burst and delusions of grandure come crashing down and inevitably some or most of these projects will fail.

  8. Minswap has a nice UI but it was a bit slow, not sure if this is because of the testnet. The swaps took a while to process

  9. I’m a 63 year old grandfather whose been in for over 3 years. Brought my kids in. :)

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  11. Where is the discussion on Executive Order targeting crypto in just a few days or before end of February?

  12. I think MELD will have some good utility for the average person especially with it’s ties to traditional banking and fiat. They’re even going to have debit cards for people to use. Hopefully that will onboard some people. Also Revuto seems like it will help with that too.

  13. Unfortunately, so many folks now in crypto just love the jargon and it’s the jargon that will continue to build the barrier between crypto folks and everyday people. Computer nerds have learned some hard lessons over the last 20 years. Don’t dare talk jargon in front of real everyday users. Back in late 2017 I heard one fool say quite seriously, ‘don’t tell anyone else about this and let’s keep the money to ourselves.’ Unfortunately, as smart as some people are, they are exceptionally stupid in other ways. All new systems depend on new money. To attract new money, you need to speak plain English even if it pains you. dApps? What’s that? Decentralise applications. Huh? Eyes begin glazing over. The big mistake is in thinking that they need to educate themselves. NOT CORRECT. You need to educate yourselves if you expect to attract new money. W have a long way to go.

  14. I heard that Hydra will solve the scaling problems with micro-transactions speed, but not for the dexs. The dexs will have to solve congestion issue on their own (like SundaySawp is trying to do at the moment). Is it true?

  15. The problem with that is the “mainstream” prefers centralization. Defi will never reach them. Although, I have high hopes for places like Africa to embrace defi.

  16. 56 year old grandfather with one year in crypto… even own an AOS Cardano hoodie!

  17. Bro you made me spit out my oatmeal laughing my ass off about the neck bearded mom 😂😂😂

  18. Can someone help me to understand where all the transactions are coming from we see on Cardano? No DEX, well 2 of them barely, and not hardly any Dapps. How do we have 5.3b trans volume ? ETH has what 5.6b trans by volume and thousand of Dapps , Defi etc!!

  19. Hoskinson said cardano is working on a deal with voting machine companies to implement blockchain technology with cardanos level of security so that Trump cant lie because nobody will be able to manipulate the votes therefore crypto could save democracy. Then they wouldnt think of banning it

  20. I’m your Gramps. Started studying (without investing) this space because I was worried about my kid losing his money to folly. Slowly began to see there is real value, and tried to identify the most interesting crypto, and settled on Cardano. Have cautiously been dollar-cost averaging into it ( not big dollars) for 5 weeks. Not putting my retirement at risk, (I have a sweet retirement life, and don’t have the time to day trade), yet I believe crypto is probably here to stay, and will grow over time. An interesting journey.

  21. The biggest problem I’ve seen from those around me is the complete lack of understanding of blockchain technology and how crypto works.

    I thinking having Dapps that are user friendly and require no advanced knowledge or understanding of the blockchain technology they’re using could have a Windows 95-like impact on the crypto user base.

  22. You are absolutely right about the dapps that will need to come to the crypto space. We need more dapps like WMT (world mobile token) and EMP (empowa) that normal people can actually see the value that they bring. The value of Meld is amazing for the production industry, picture this: Person A owns a company and needs to invest in new equipment in order to stay competitive (let’s say 1 M). This company can apply for a state grant that will give 40 to 60% of that investment, now person A needs to pay from their own pocket the remaining % (this happens today in Europe). Can you imagine if the company can get the remaining % on a genius loan from Meld, wait 3 to 6 years and have ALL the investment paid completely, just paying a small interest???? It will be disruptive!!

  23. Cardano is on track. I don’t expect it to hit that price point so fast but surely 2022 will be a fun ride for ADA hodlers.

  24. Love the focus of this video. Excellent points and I’m always trying to figure out which dapps bring the most value to the world. So far, my top pick is HNT. Basically the Uber of telecom. A decentralized telecom network where the miners build out the infrastructure. It’s brilliant and may be the way 5G gets distributed. We will see

  25. lol im a mom of 3 boys no beard big MILF vibe lol.. your buggin .. id say only guys into his are making up for other things that are lacking lmao.. stick with what you know and dont talk about who & who is not into crypto smh.. Most guys in this live in a box and dont really know people or have friend other than fb followers lol.. just having fun & returning the shade smh & lol


  27. Charles should talk to Reggie Middleton who owns a Defi patent with Veritasium.