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Cardano (ADA) Congestion Clearing up!

Cardano (ADA) Congestion Clearing up!

we talk about in this video what the title says, also as this video uploaded I noticed many other wallets having clogs like ccvault with 2 hour queues due to a large transaction backlog, for me Nami seems to be submitting faster so far even with default mempool settings (using blockfrost).

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  1. Soon you will no longer be in your mom’s basement. Unless you like it there of course, or maybe she can live in your basement who knows.

  2. good thing sundae has dropped since my pending scooper swap request on 24th. Weekly swap benefits

  3. Cardano is still bottled necked , maybe they can use Avalance to help it scale or Solana to take the load.
    I’d probably support a bear bear now if it helps lower demand and make it more usable.

  4. I’m so confused with videos like this. Have you read the Cardano road map little man?

    Congestion has been an anticipated issue for Cardano as it grows. The Basho era is supposed to play big part at addressing this. Sundaeswap is actually helping them address this phase as well as all the other DAPPs & DEXs soon coming online.

    I see many youtubers who actually have their own stake pools and fail to educate holders based on the Cardano road map.

  5. Hi Jack.

    I’d love it I’d you can do a video on migrating to Nami wallet from Yoroi… I have so many questions, like do I just install Nami and use my Yoroi seed phrase or do I need to send all my Yoroi assets to my Nsmi wallet?

    What about staking? Do I need to unstake?


  6. Congestion clearing up? Or is it because alot of ppl have stopped using it