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Cardano (ADA) & Velocity | Cardano Rumor Rundown #281

The last month & the last week have shown us a lot of things. Chief among those is that an eUTxO functionally programmed smart contract blockchain works just fine. We also found out that our greatest strenght is ironically also our biggest problem. The Cardano community is too enormous & demand is too strong for the blockchain to be able to ramp up slowly like its counterparts might have done only years ago. Luckily Cardano has a plan.


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0:00 Intro
1:12 We need Velocity
2:42 The Plan for Velocity
7:41 Pavia 3rd Land Sale
9:12 SEC Amendment–Communication Protocols


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  1. 11:50 – hmm, if a block explorer could fall under this, does that mean Google showing charts for stock tickers, the Apple “stocks” app etc. could also be considered “communication protocols, facilitating buyer and seller interaction”?
    Is presenting information in a formalised manner a protocol? Are newspapers (or do they contain) protocols?
    Have the FT & WSJ been securities exchanges all along?

    I guess it will come down to “does it qualify as speech?” – much like former embargoes on encryption – code is expression, is speech, is protected.

  2. Thanks for updates. Keep up on spying! We need more cardano army out there. Could you also provide updates on bridge to ckb?

  3. Thanks for the valuable Intel. Enjoy listening to it & learning new things! Keep up the great work

  4. MarcoSantiago chiappetta here, another gem! Let’s gooooooooo

  5. I thought February would be a hardfork.. they probably have good reasons, but I love these hfcevents.. was looking forward

  6. The SEC working hard, as always, to pass an endless stream of legislation which is as impossible to adhere to as it is to enforce. Great job guys! Really representing the public 👍

  7. People need to spend less time buying virtual property and start focusing heavily on the legalities of crypto. Nothing else matters in 2022. Nobody should budge on crypto until we have clarity. The wolves are circling and they can kill crypto easily. Gives them a reason to print 2 trillion more.

  8. Thank you so much for doing these daily updates! I find them extremely valuable!

  9. Is it illegal for me and a friend to go to a book store, buy a book each and then trade once we are done reading them? What about pubic libraries or youtube?

  10. These criminals take two years writing proposals to change the law and only give the ppl 30 days to review it.

  11. How will this affect our use of DEXs? I thought decentralization meant not requiring permission.

  12. I’d love to spend this weekend not thinking about cryoto, but that’s not an option atm.

  13. I’m so tired of this overly broad and heavy-handed approach to regulation. As Charles said, it’s a parody. How can the Government say they want to stamp out this tech when the largest industries and initiations are buying it up and figuring out how to use it? Are we in danger or are we being gamed?

  14. Good advice I’ve often heard is: if you want to know what someone really wants, ignore anything they say and watch what they **do** only. Watching what the SEC **does** it’s apparent that they want is for crypto to be pounded into non-existence so their banker friends can keep raking in more money than imaginable and act completely against the public’s interests get away with it entirely, forever.

  15. NGL the ongoing hostility of the US towards crypto is going to put this country so far behind everyone else that we will not be able to catch up. Regulation is fine but WE NEED TO START ADOPTION ASAP

  16. Pretty soon TCP/IP will be outlawed ( facilitates sellers and buyers ) Paper and pencil next, postage stamps?

  17. Great commentary on this new bill and even Charles has weighed in suggesting a PAC for cardano. I for one am down with this at every level, this bill has to be stopped in its tracks in its current firm

  18. I am unhappy with the lack of business acumen the Sundae Swap team is demonstrating. They seem to be unsure or unwilling to say how and when the Sundae staking rewards will be distributed. Smart contract or otherwise it really doesn’t matter so much as the ambiguity swirling around. On top of this, the vague and publicly non-professional way they are handling the Cardstarter situation is very concerning. They desperately need someone to wear the big boy pants and tighten up the business side of things. So far it has been a series of unforced errors. We need to see a change of attitudes now.

  19. Brothers I’m loosing hope in cardano can anyone tell me how high can it actually reach by March

  20. Once Hydra comes and a few players release products on it, things will really accelerate.

  21. To give the finger to the SEC, we could create smart contracts and other Dapps, and then dissolve the entity that created them. What will the SEC do? Sue a computer program?