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Cardano ADA Whales Are Buying And Have Doubled In ADA Holdings Over The Past 10 days! 2nd in volume

Welcome Back Everyone! We’ve got alot to talk about today so strap yourself in

Hey guys Our Cardano Stake Pool Is Now Live! we are now also on daedalus wallet too! A Great way to support the Channel and Help Decentralise Cardano’s Network would be to Delegate your ADA to our Stake pool and Stake with AllinCrypto! If you don’t know how to stake we have a video called how to stake cardano we produced yesterday please make sure you are delegating your ADA through the correct and official wallets! The Name of the pool is ALLIN. Happy staking! with that said enjoy the video that I have for you today!

Our Cardano Stake Pool Name: ALLIN

Discord link:



DISCLAIMER: I am not a financial adviser and this video is not financial advise this video is here for entertainment and educational use only



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  1. Whales buying crapdano? HAHAHAHHAHAHA
    What if they just need dumdums on the buy side of the order book to get rid of their worthless bags?


  2. Indeed. Cardano is an investment. Hold tight and carry on 👍. Thanks for your perseverance, Allin.

  3. I see adax is released a few hours ago ,im suprised no one is buying ,well i am 🙂

  4. anyone know what is going on with adax? supposed to be launching today.

  5. I have to give it to you, you’ve been full of hopiem all through this downturn and so on and so forth.

  6. Very interesting stuff. Patience will pay off for us. Thanks for another great vid ALLIN

  7. I’ve continued to accumulate Ada with every spare dollar I have for the past 4 months. Nothing in the top 100 coins EVER goes down forever. Thanks for the integrity Allin. And thanks for the stakepool. Love your brand.

  8. The fundamentals don’t matter as much in the short term to middle term range, as much as macro economic events matter

  9. Got my MELD airdropped early this morning – nice little bag that I’ll hodl for a while.

  10. Well at least it doesn’t have to get shut down for 24 hours like Solana twice already I think or maybe three times now

  11. Mate, love your videos. Genuinely enjoy them.. one thing though, it’s Card’a’no not Card’o’no. I know you’ve mentioned before you’ve got dyslexia, I’ve got a learning disability myself so I’m not having a pop. I just think as your channel grows and you continue to be a big ambassador for Cardano you should pronounce it correctly? Apologies if there’s a reason for it and appreciate the time and content you put out, it’s awesome stuff 💪👊

  12. I’m not bashing cardano I like it but what you’re saying is making no sense

  13. This extended correction could act as a spring to the upside. Every time something good happens with cardano the market pulls it down.

  14. Great vid my friend… you said it ALL when you said:
    “Cardano is everything Bitcoin could’ve been and everything ETH should have been”

  15. Still can’t wrap my mind of how 30% of the unstaked supply has the power to crash the price by nearly 70%. Where is all this imaginary supply being sold from?

  16. What is the name of this site you use ? volume, activ adress ….

  17. Nice video, I will advice everybody who is into crypto to Stick with ADA and ETH as much as you can guys. If everyone sells when it starts to fall, which at one point it will, the dream may be lost because of it being too volatile for companies to get behind..

  18. I appreciate your hard work and the helpful content in your videos. I find it really baffling that all the major crypto YouTubers are just looking at pure wave and completely ignoring the larger narrative of why BTC is pumping and why the future outlook may not be as optimistic as it seems. It’s kind of irresponsible to ignore the fact that every ETF launch so far has caused a major spike in BTC’s spike. Already on shaky ground with historically low volume and almost pure whale pumps, we narrowly avoided a long-term bear market. This is the worst possible time in crypto investing history as so many are not securing their crypto assets. More attention should be paid to day trading as it is less affected by the unpredictable nature of the market,…I made over 10 BTC from day trading in less than 2 weeks with Grace Thompson’s educational insights and accurate signals is one of the best means to Protect your wealth in case it declines. For more information on how to do this or get started, reach out to Mrs. Grace at ͲeI єɠɾαm(@Dcryptograce11)

  19. Great content as usual. Man I look forward to every single video you make. Thank you for helping all of us stay on top of the market. A lot has changed and that’s on everything but the truth is I don’t even care much about bullish or bearish market anymore because Richard Golod got me cover as I am comfortably making 3.1B T C monthly…I left his contacts in the comment below take care!

  20. Always a very heavy cardano shiller, I have a little bit of cardano. Hope it goes well

  21. Hopefully ADA holds these levels ti’ll the 2nd got a check pending and i wanna rip it into ADA at no more than 1.10

  22. I love Coti. It will provide strong momentum for cardano eccosystem to thrive. Hail Djed!!

  23. How disappointed are you with the price of ADA? It’s peanuts now and probably going down again to peanut, your $7.50 by the end of 2021 prediction seems a long time ago.

  24. Great content as usual. Man I look forward to every single video you make. Thank you for helping all of us stay on top of the market. A lot has changed and that’s on everything but the truth is I don’t even care much about bullish or bearish market anymore because Micheal Christensen got me cover as I am comfortably making 3.1B T C monthly. .

  25. You are great and a light in these ADA times. But once again ADA must be manipulated. There is no other explanation for this price. It sucks to the core

  26. The most third class crypto is cardano. Don’t invest in this stupid coin

  27. If they’re buying it it’s because there going to pump the price and then dump it that’s what the whales do and you can’t even argue that

  28. Did I hear you correctly – “Cardano whale is holder of 10k or more”!!?? What! Doesn’t sound right!!?? That seems much too low… that’s only ~10k USD… My guess is that a Cardano dolphin is 50k Ada or more and whale is 100k minimum, more likely 500k or 1MM

  29. Hello! May I ask for an email address for a business inquiry? Thanks so much!

  30. QA $32,000 profit sent to my portfolio each week, Mrs Angela Regina Mende is amazing.

  31. Crypto is F*cked. Inflation is high. Rates going up. Stock markets are crashing. Ppl sell crypto to pay their bills.

  32. I haven’t figured this guy out yet but just a warning. The whales are buying up all of the top ten + altcoins and this is the same guy who was telling us to buy the dip and hodle ADA since it was at $3.00. I lost a lot of money that could of been used making money listening this advice. I do believe ADA is at a good buying price now but I would still be cautious and dollar cost average in.

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