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Cardano: Go Long or Short ??

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  1. When you “Buy the Dip” you are buying the red. Don’t be a P word.

    I don’t trade crypto. I use the volatility to STACK IT.

  2. Currently in loss as I bought ADA in November round $1.4 as I thought it would be the bottom, Dollar cost averaged to $1.2. Still a good bargain with the upside potential

  3. Damn bots in every chat for crypto is annoying as hell. Wish youtube do their damn job
    Charles just posted a good eye opener it was good.

  4. I had no clue at the beginning and would buy everything because in the bull market everything was pumping, I am glad I researched and learned. I was able to sell all those other coins and break even, but CARDANO was the only one I kept with real conviction and the only I will hold, why? Because it’s solid, based on everything I believe in. Thanks for the info Scott.

  5. Too rarely said but everyone has their own circumstances to consider.
    Everyone wants someone else to tell them what to do but that is usually a terrible way to do anything in life!

  6. You are you right Wallace. It’s an emerging market, there’s opportunity everywhere! Wonder your thoughts on cNFTs? Not many on Cardano yet, so this sector will really RUN once more come on over. Some great top projects, doing some great things. #cnftproject #cNFTs

  7. I’m something of a Warren buffet myself. I just bought an additional 1000$ of ada at 1.05(right before it pumped to 1.10).

  8. All this short term behavior is hilarious to me. Lol I hope more people “short” Cardano so my DCA entry points get lower. Fiat inflationary money has warped so many people to think in short term ways. It’s a psychosis that plagues the entire world. Low time preference behavior is the only way to go.

  9. Peeps are buying the native assets, it appears. I don’t see how this can’t result in supply squeeze at some point.

  10. How does this channel not have 500k to a million subs? It’s freaking great and provides me with so much laughter and common sense information. Wallace is somebody I would definitely have a beer with…

  11. I went to the store yesterday, got a bottle of whiskey, a chunk of beef , charcoal , so on and so forth. Cost me $100. I thought to myself, “would you spend A100?” My knee jerk reaction was
    “Abso-fucking-lutely not”. Well what about A50? No. A20? No.
    I am vary happy with my position, and extremely optimistic for the future. Being nervous is the feeling of impending doom. I look at charts, read the articles. Sometimes its good, sometimes bad. But I cant shake this feeling of impending success. The next 10 years are going to be vary exciting for the sphere.

  12. My new rule is do the opposite of what the majority people do overall. Usually if majority think it’s going up it goes down and everyone is thinking it going down it goes up.

  13. Long story short. Bought shiba inu, my first crypto in last July, waiting for the coin to go at 20 billions marketcap (that was precisely my prediction, 20b) because of the dynamic of the market in general, the meme frenzy and the strong comunity around shiba. Shiba inu droped and stay there for months. Some day shiba went up to the price i bought. Sold it. Next week Shiba inu went 10x from there. Yeap… of the shiba lucky ones….

  14. You need to do some vids on new projects launching in ada. Some real good looking ones like to hear your thoughts. Doex, vyfi, yay swap,min swap i mean talk about being first to the Troff. Now people are spending their ada on cnft and these new upcoming projects price should start to move a lot more. Remember their was no use for ada for years other than staking not so anymore. Lets go ada the ghost chain is alive.

  15. I don’t try to predict the market. I just keep a certain percent of my assets in crypto. If prices go up I sell to get me back to where I’m comfortable, and I buy when they go down to get me back up to where I want to be.

  16. Ppl taking profits will be shocked when they see 55k, and those ppl who take profits will be even more shocked to see 75K.. #Hopium #Copium


  18. 8:24 – It is not acceptable to make unfounded statements, it shows ignorance, when people past judgement on Cardano ( usually because they robotically follow idiot youtubers such as ” mental breakdown artist” Chico Crypto who spent valuable time spreading absolute BS about the greatest leader in our space, namely Charles Hoskinson – where did that lead to I ask? )
    I ask anyone of these people: Did you read the white paper?? guaranteed the answer will ne no!
    We, that is my brother and I read the white paper at high school and thoroughly looked into the background of Charles, with this information we invested in the person first and project second, resulting in dollar cost averaging over a two year period ( mostly bear market ) to achieve a DCA of $0.035 .
    The value of this project shall come with the growing development and belief NOT the desire for instant gratification.