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Cardano Just Got The BIGGEST Update Of This Year

In this video we will talk about new Cardano Update from IOHK!

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Enjoy: Cardano Just Got The BIGGEST Update Of This Year


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  1. zillenial money i see you got ovid and omicomy variant so you really have not enough time left to see ada go up to 2.50USD XD XD XD Maybe in next universe

  2. Charles Hoskinson Needs to Talk less Work more… He talks Too Much nonsense. looks like cardano is going fail.

  3. Nothing is huge about that. Hydra would be huge. Please, do not name your videos like that if it’s nothing huge.

  4. two points – sundaeswap did not have botched launch everyone had been warned in advance that there my be delays bcs of influx of so many orders at once. secondly cardano has already figured out how to increase its speed, hydra, and its only a matter of implementation now. They know what to do they are just doing it now.

  5. “Despite the launch of Sundae Swap being botched, if you would.”

    Nah, I wouldn’t. The SS team warned everyone in advance it was going to be slow. Scaling up the capacity of the network was supposed to happen gradually. We might as well fault Cardano and SS for failing to anticipate they would be wildfire success as this early stage of development.

    Which some people seem to be doing. I’ve seen comments to the effect that Cardano should have held up the launch of smart contracts/apps/dexes until after they’d implemented scaling. Two or three months ago these same people were whining that Cardano was falling behind because it was taking them too long to launch smart contracts etc.

  6. Wouldn’t it have made since to make this minor upgrade before letting SundaeSwap launch on the mainnet?