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Cardano My Top Altcoin Pick | ADA For the Long Term

The Crypto Industry industry is innovating very quickly. We are fortunate to be here. Though there is much confusion in the markets at the moment, the big picture is VERY clear! I hope you enjoy and find value.


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  1. I could not agree more! As of right now Cardano is the way! Not to mention Solana just shit the bed again and lost over $320 million. Terrible Security!
    Everyone says Cardano is behind, I don’t see it that way at all. Although lacking in speed which is The priority they are working on at the moment, I think they are ahead of everybody.

  2. I’m not buying yet, I’ve been through a bear market once already, just when you thought the price cant go lower, it goes way lower! Some coins in the last bear market dropped over 100%! The average was about 90%. I’ll start buying when everything drops at least 80% from its all time high. 10 X over 10 years? Incredibly conservative! I would say more of a 50 X minimum. And yeah, you make us wait two weeks for a video? Come on man…😉 Great stuff as always!

  3. My thoughts exactly, so happy the numbers work out, I’m a true Cardano believer. Every little extra I can find I buy more Cardano. I’m excited about MetaDex and their plans for liquidity. Just trying to sort out which of the projects are here to stay.

  4. Thank you. Whale manipulation is hurting BTC and ETH the most in my opinion. ADA is my favorite coin because I agree it’s long-term potential and low gas fees make it the peoples crypto. I like how it will empower individuals in poorer countries. This is a great time for people to buy more ADA or just to begin. Keep up the good work.

  5. Murzynek się cieszy, a za chwilę jak kurs pierdolnie w dół, to go wyczyści do zera heheheheh :)

  6. I totally agree with the ‘relevant in 10 years’ principle, but I don’t know about Bitcoin being still relevant then. It is slow, energy-inefficient and not prone to improvements at all. If we compare the crypto revolution to the industrial revolution, I compare Bitcoin to the steam engine, Ethereum to the combustion engine and Cardano to the electric engine. Will the technology that started it all be still in use in the future? I don’t think so. There have been too many tech improvements and Bitcoin didn’t adapt. As soon as one of the altcoins flip it, it will be over for Bitcoin. I hope Cardano will be that coin.

  7. When devs start to get more involved, better things are built, and if that’s not bullish, I don’t know what is…

  8. Creating future value, that’s definitely the key point. Because I’m heavily invested in Cardano, I’ve been telling people for months the price per ADA token will eventually reflect the value the blockchain project creates.

  9. L❤️VE the trash talk on Cardano, just keeping the DCA truck rolling.

  10. The only way Cardano dies is if the whole blockchain concept goes away, they seem to have the best understanding of its broad uses.

    Short term- Mid Term I also have SOL, FTM, ETH
    Ones I just have for other reasons AVAX, ALGO, and XMR

  12. I agree with you. But after my cardano bag, i will start now to fill my portefolio with COTI, because alike you say : finance , so we need a stablecoin, which coti will provide (as well as the coti app )… And so my bags will be double filled when cardano start to speed up…

  13. Wasnt there word that ETH2.0 was having issues? They even rebranded away from ETH2.0

  14. I have been making losses trading myself….. I thought trading on demo account is just like trading the real market… Can anyone help me out or at least advise me on what to do?

  15. My 1st time here! my man you got a new sub!! I keep asking folks which chain will be here in 10 years BTC, ETH, And ADa there is no other chain with either longevity or peer review and Ada has them both! Then the how many ETH are there? Ethereum has no limits on its total amount. So how can it be at the price against the dollar? And a 70% staked Ada almost pegged to the dollar? I tell you the players that hoard Ada are big and they dont want you in it, they want you in some dumpster fire eth coin or some unvetted $hit coin any one of the 10k available for the inevitable planned dump on your head! Now what consider is coming to Ada outside of apocalyptic event!…… Ada is my Girl! We’ve only just begun!

  16. Can you cover Coti? ….. they are a big part of the Cardano ecosystem…..and just lanched the treasury

  17. you gave it away when you said move a billion dollar on cardno when you compared with all……thing is is there something working on cardano to judge the future

  18. Definitely buying. Always. Super faithful on Cardano. I’ve been following the project since November 2020 and I tell ya, it’s got me. What a solid project it is indeed. I’ll bet my house on it.

  19. New sub from me! Really enjoyed the video. Thanks for your positive content. Sad how many people are in ADA for a quick buck and slam it when it doesn’t perform how they want. I honestly think this project has the potential to transform the economy of the majority world. My prediction: they won’t get everything done this year they’re hoping to, but by the end of 2023, the critics will be silent because of the utility and dependability of the Cardano blockchain.

  20. Yeah, we KNOW you’ve been away for a minute. Let’s not let that happen too much. We all start CJ jonesing! 😆🤗

  21. Thank you for sharing, watching from Philippines, we love cardano, i love your content, are using yoroi or what??? Thank you si

  22. You’re the man! Solid, non-emotional and clear analysis. I’m buying the dip. Been getting more involved in the Solana eco system and some of their early projects. Looking forward to your upcoming gaming content. I’m curious if you’ve looked into Space Falcon at all and what your thoughts are if you have. Good luck and God bless brotha!

  23. *Don’t sleep on it…this is a time to invest I recently just bought another property valued at over $10m. I wish I knew the right investment firm to invest with earlier, better late than never thought.*

  24. I dunno about 10x, there’s too much easy entry into the industry. I see too many copy cats. Good luck and go ADA.

  25. Love your videos! What is your day to day routine in terms of your success with crypto? I am somewhat of a newbie and am trying to find sources like this to learn from. I am definitely long term with Cardano!

  26. I agree with what you’re saying. Cardano for the long long term 💙

  27. The Governance of cardano will be another gamechanger feature an the funding in ideascale fo projects in cardano. These guys are not joking like solana for example. Look at ergo blockchain

  28. Always nice to find an open-minded youtuber that does not turn into a maxi of one coin.
    nice content as well! keep it up! multichain is the future