Cardano Testnet Airdrop Tutorial! (MinSwap)

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Cardano Minswap tutorial on a testnet, going over all the steps that we need in order to get the airdrop from them. Let’s hope WAGMI

⏰Time Stamp ⏰

0:00 – Cardano Minswap Tutorial
5:18 – Swap ADA
8:15- Add Liquidity
12:10 – Remove Liquidity

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  1. This project is asking for weird discord info. I have bad vibes about this one so i’m passing

  2. Important suggestion. When using Cardano wallet you need to change Slippage on transactions from default because it takes so long to transact the price change can fail transaction. Try 5% or more to be safe.

  3. when try to swap, it gave me the below described message. tADA amount has already been taken. Do I cancel or wait. If canceled, will I lose my tADA ?
    “Your order’s slippage is Out-of-range, options: update, cancel or wait till the pool price changes to meet your order’s slippage.”

    Thank you in advance for your assistance :)

  4. I looked around a bit more on Cardano. Like you, right now, not impressed 1 bit. thanks again for a fair, honest, and informative video.

  5. Just review Peter’s message. Will try again. But will I lose my initial swap amount?

  6. Cardano is rubbish and the fees are S**t, so thanks for the video but I’m taking a raincheck on this one.

  7. Hi Ziv,
    The Hydra Update for Cardano is coming soon, once the update goes live the Cardano is going to be one of the fastest yet cheapest chains on the Planet. Just forget about speed, and fees for now. Let’s continue our Airdrop hunting ;-)

  8. If anything involves discord, I won’t use. it’s a bother doing twitter and telegram but will do them, but then having to do discord aswell is a p**s take.

  9. Ada is a little Arthritic 95 year old Lady that lives in a cottage at the end of the road, why would you call a dynamic expensive Cryptocurrency after her?

  10. Joke first: Did you know, 1 in 4 frogs 🐸 is a leap frog! Boom boom! .. Now I will put you straight on a couple of things. Firstly Ziv, you mentioned 18% withdrawal costs for your 1 ADA transaction. My friend, 0.18 ADA is the minimum charge for a network transaction. I withdrew 14000 ADA this morning from Binance for 0.92 ADA. Less than a $1.. try sending 1 USDC and see what is the % charge 😆. Secondly, NAMI is the first of many upcoming wallets. I also don’t like it either.. when compared to other wallets. But please don’t base a project on a crappy wallet. That’s so newby! 😁.. Have a nice day y’all. 😊

  11. Just FYI, when canceling the swap transaction, it asked for the collateral to be set and you need to spend 5tADA

  12. each time I tried to swap, they say my order slippage is out of range even if I use 6%. And when I tried to cancel the transaction they asked about collateral.

  13. Having to keep cancelling the swap. Unable to proceed. Give up on this AD

  14. Started jumping. Ta, ta, ta … less detailed and step by step than before. :)

  15. I can’t get pass the verify stage , I get dm’d the verify link , when I click on it it sends me to a page that loads forever

  16. cardano is useless. For a project that has been so long “in the making”, it’s ways behind others that have come to market quicker. Awful… all hype – dump it.

  17. I tried joining your patron ,but my visa is malfunctioning … How else can I pay ? Can I pay through crypto ? Maybe usdt or something ? Thanks ziv

  18. Raise your slippage before doing swaps. Ive put mine to 50% lol its only test net so who cares.

  19. Cardano is slow in development but if they deliver it might be one of the greatest projects, for now tech wise some other chains are ahead. Ive bought it for 4 and 11 cents so cant really say bad things from a investment value standpoint.