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Cardano: This Is HUGE! (BUY NOW!?)

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0:00 Intro
0:22 Some Bad News
1:00 Historic Buy Signal
2:06 Robinhood Crypto Expands
2:59 Cardano Update
3:27 ADAX DEX Launch
4:39 Coti & ADAX Partnership
5:52 ADA Price Analysis
7:01 Cardano HUGE Problem

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  1. Personally, I have a lot more faith in Sundae coming through than in Adax. Time will tell.

  2. Cardano is getting ready to begin to start to gear up for the beginning of a start… Which will get them ready to begin to gear up for it… N’… ..N’ stuff..

  3. Bad news is Biden is still in office and whose policies are largely responsible for the mess we are in. Lets Go Brandon!

  4. It’s just a scaling issue. Nothing wrong with sundaeswap. This year is the year of scaling for cardano. Please do some research.

  5. Lower! Already millions of scammers in YouTube, you are too late.

  6. Cardano is that project that has greatest potential but it is one of the most hated. Frustrating trying to talk to people about this project. Sundaeswap issues were to be expected. Always a long term project.

  7. Think about how many times he told you it was gonna go up over the past 5 months and it didn’t before you get excited not saying it won’t go up but saying he has no clue what it will do

  8. Sundae Swap wasn’t the first dex on cardano. Muesli swap is there since november 2021… The Rest was just uninformed fud…

  9. Thanks for continuous great videos, I feel those who would allow the market dynamism to determine when to trade or not are either new in space in general or probably just naïve
    I have been doing some research on the market too, it was quite challenging to understand the different trends on my own until i found out about Joseph Micheal. Trading made easy

  10. Cardano is a good project. Looking forward to further development. Until then gonna stake it on finex

  11. Not long ago I said the same to another YouTube user (Crypto Krystian): I like to see your Cardano videos, as you are so into Cardano like me… But there’s a point in which the quality of the contents of the channel (at least in regards of ADA) are not necessarily high… Videos are always saying that something is good, that something is bullish, that “this is huge” and a big etc… But the thing actually doesn’t move and the only thing that changed in the following video is that the potential and this and that, but with lower numbers than the previous video.
    This makes me ask myself if actually the previous videos were or not accurate, as the only thing I see is people loving ADA no matter what (me included) and believing this will explode soon, even though it keeps on dropping.

    Yes, of course it may explode (anyway, we know it’s not as dynamic as other cryptos), but at least is good to acknowledge that it’s been performing disgustingly, even if we love the concept and all… Is it so difficult to admit this? Should we keep on shouting that this is huge and the opportunity and all the positive potential aspects? At least it sounds fair to me to admit the whole bunch of negative aspects that have been happening and that even though the massive development and partnerships and everything, they are not enough to push ADA’s price high… It’s a non-stop drop, and it’s been like this for much longer than the actual crash…

    Just a different point of view that considered fair to share… That excessive positivism about something without even pointing out the negative aspects, they really make me move away and not be able to trust those contents… Looks more like fanatism (or paid contents in order to make it look great)… Maybe some room for improvement.

    Anyway, thanks for creating contents and helping people to understand better this beautiful world… Hopefully you can keep on doing it, but better.


  12. Facebook has ties to Filecoin, Filecoin has ties to United States politicians & china, something fishy and not gonna lie very fun deep dive if you love doing your due diligence!


  14. Sundaeswap has been a complete joke, 20 times I tried to swap, always awaiting a scooper. 100% trash

  15. Dear Michael
    Reading a mid 2021 chart position won’t fly in 2022.
    We are at a tipping point in stocks & economy which of course will include crypto.

  16. Same guy said to buy at $3 and it’s going to $4 in October.
    ADA is dead, it’s not FUD

  17. DORAEMON INU TO THE MOON (sin utilizar numeros ahora podemos usar iconos o simbolo) 314

  18. the only perr reviewed project, most decentralised pos, humanitarian goals, multipurpose blockchain, the biggest and best following, most transparent project and the only one that has not been hacked. if this is not enough then whoever you are you are an idiot. Solana got hacked again and ehterium too. how many billions of people’s monies they can lose before people realise that they are not safe and there are serious flaws in their design?! Which is what happens when you rush to make a quick buck like solana with its rich daddies behind.