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In this video, I’ll show you some very solid proof of why I think ADA could skyrocket up 60%+ this next month, what our indicators and metrics are forecasting, our indicator sale for 82% off, and my Cardano price prediction.

We will also look at the following Cardano Metrics:

– Cardano Emotional Index
– Cardano Long vs. Short Trades
– Cardano Trading Risk Today
– Cardano Whale and Institutional Smart Money
– Cardano Dollar Cost Average (Buys)
– Cardano Exit Points
– Cardano Best Trade Setup Today

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  1. Your going to get them Rekt. Ada will be floating at major support @ .60 next 30-60 days

  2. The scammers and liars will never understand the personal integrity you have brought to the table. I have watched this play out, your actions continue to speak. Most accusation is projection anyway! Thanks for all the good work Travis.

  3. Very few coins will increase 60% without btc rally to at least 43+ until then I believe we are in a downtrend, we will just have to see.

  4. I don’t want to be bearish.. but everytime this is the sound of the track. We just dump 10-20% 2-3 days after…

  5. You sound very passionate when you were talking at the end. I’m new around here but I’m lovin your content already!

  6. Cardano is king we all know when Cardano moves it moves crazy,very good news coming for it
    Go Charles

  7. I’m always looking forward to click on this video, until I see “here’s proof”

  8. You can’t blame people for being out of the market after losing out. This is a time for people to learn on the sidelines. But YouTubers and leverage trading will ruin people’s trust for cryptocurrency

  9. What happens if we are already in an ada trade at 1.01 but you update the buy limit to 1.03? Do we just stay in the trade we are already in?

  10. SO many coins trading in a similar accumulation channel for the last 10 days.