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Cardano Updates on Congestion, Scaling, Dexs & Market Opinions

Cardano updates about the main topics I see out there now with Congestions, cardano 360, cardano scaling, sundaeswap iso tokens, minswap on testnet, adax on mainet, meld airdop and general bitcoin market thoughts and updates.

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⏲️ Timestamps ⏲️
0:00 Cardano Updates Intro
1:01 Cardano Network Congestion
2:58 Cardano 360 Summary
5:02 Sundaeswap Good and Bad
7:14 Sundaeswap ISO rewards
11:01 Sundaeswap DEX Updates
13:15 ADAX on mainnet
14:35 Minswap on Testnet
16:30 Meld Airdrop has happened
16:57 Market Updates
17:59 Summary of Cardano Updates

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Pool 2 ID: a89b86373838360143aba3911eaae54bf9420868965d48d447e4510a

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Disclaimer: Everything in this video is my own opinion and is not financial advise as I am not a financial advisor. I am just a random guy on the internet with a big passion for crypto


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  1. 👆 Don’t forget to hit like and share if you think it will help others 👆
    🔴 Delegators in PAUL & PAUL1 will earn Sundae tokens as well as ADA during the ISO 🔴

  2. Hey Paul, just to let you know, Daedalus has been an absolute nightmare for me. I cannot sync with the network on either of my 2 laptops, therefore cannot access my coins there nor for any txs, all BC they force users to become nodes, aargh! Ccvault and Nami working well though, cheers

  3. I don’t think it is favoritism towards Sundae. Sundae has been pivotal in helping with developing the Cardano ecosystem: they are offering design solutions and interacting with the community more than other projects as far as I am aware. That kind of investment from their side deserves some reciprocity.

    Also, I don’t hold Sundae nor ADAX. But I think it is pretty obvious that Sundae’s launch was in a different class. I don’t have anything positive to say about ADAX’s launch.

  4. Awesome informative vid Paul. Thanks your a legend. I delegate to Paul pool with sundae swap do I have to claim via drip dropz each epoch or does it compound so I can take it out every few weeks?

  5. The Crypto Crow (Jason Appleton) sold all of his crypto (not just ADA) > he did a rugpull on all of us, and left us all in the dark after running of into the sunset.

  6. Using YOROI to delegate to PAUL pool. Would I be able to receive SUNDAE tokens on YOROI?

  7. Is there any talk about Polygon making a scaling solution for Cardano? That would be a great partnership if it could happen

  8. Great video. Based on your LP tokens would you have any idea how much Sundae you will earn on that. I only started with a small amount as i am unsure of what rewards wit will actually lead to

  9. Thank you for a thorough run down. I always appreciate your work. Will you be opening a third stake pool after the sundae swap ISO?

  10. I think the cost of SUNDAE tokens I’ll get won’t even cover trx fees 🤣

  11. yeah, sundae rewards are a mess and an embarrassment to cardano. this is basic stuff that they should have sorted way before the launch. i’m not impressed.

  12. every time i check my rewards on the estimator it gets less and less sundaeswap has been a total disappointment unfortunately

  13. Tnx Paul for the content.What is your idea about PAVIA project?would you cover it?

  14. Yes, the sundae rewards are a sham and a disgrace to Cardano; this is basic stuff that they should have figured out long before the launch. I’m not impressed.

  15. to be honest, I never understood why Sundae distributes only 5% of the tokens via ISO, anything under 30% would be embarrassing, 5% is a joke

  16. Hi. I delegate ada to Paul1 in yoroi. But cant see any of my regards of sundae token. Can you help me. Thanks

  17. I have to say, daedalus is one of the worst wallets i’ve used. I like how secure it is, don’t get me wrong, but the amount of memory it uses in order to sync with the network is unreal. I have a nice gaming computer and it makes it impossible to do anything else but browse the web while its syncing and that’s IF it connects to the network. Its honestly sad i’m prioritizing convenience over security in this aspect as I’ve now switched to Nami – i just can’t take those long load times anymore.

  18. Hey PAUL, love your vids..
    If I clam up to 10 of the tokens on drip drop will I still be able to claim Sunday when it’s put on drip drop?

  19. My order was stuck since yesterday . I cancelled my order but I did not receive my tokens back. What can I do to get it back into my wallet ? Any help will be appreciated .

  20. I’ve been delegated to the PAUL pool now for over 3 weeks using Yoroi…..and it has constantly showed as 0 rewards and the ‘withdraw’ icon has been greyed out for the whole time. Any ideas what’s going on?

  21. Any Smrt contract which does not compatible with Matamask will be FAIL. else it will take Year’s to adapt enough demands, seems Cardano will be Turtle for Long time.

  22. Hey Paul! Take a look at the ADAX DEX now. The team has already made some meaningful changes that make it much better and I’m sure they are continually innovating as we speak. Looks like progress!! BTW, I’m staking my ADA with you, keep up the good work. Cheers!!

  23. Hi Paul, thx for the video. I stake in the pool Paul. I’ve to use drip drops to claim the rewards and then could I transfer the reward on the address yoroi or metamask? Or how could I stake Tempe sundaeswap?
    Thanks you for your answer.

  24. Cardano is the Covid of crypto A laughable scam. Nobody will believe in this white elephant by the summer. Except for the really stupid cultists of course.

  25. Can you talk more about meld? Super interesting project and not many people are covering it ATM post the airdrop

  26. Paul I’m staking w you but I’m kinda disappointed by sundae. First their rewards are very small compared to staked ada, second I provided 2 lp and on both it looks like I’m losing my ADA. I have asked sundae team repeatedly for explanation, but falling on deaf ears. Any thoughts?

  27. Ive been using yoroi for almost 2 months and delegates to 3 different Pools without any issues. And just made transaction to Nami wallet smoothly.

  28. Hey Paul, I have a large amount of Ada staked in sundae swap pool. Should I not put as much because from what you telling us that large amounts of Ada staked don’t always mean lots of sundae tokens in return. Bit confused here?

  29. thank you for explaining the rewards. Great stuff!
    I am feeling quite worried about ADA right now – the congestion… wasn’t that predictable. Just like the concurrency issue – seen well in advance and yet they steam right into it and it’s a huge issue. Not explaining myself well here, but I hope you get my point. These big issues, massive issues, seem to be known but disregarded. I find it scary.

  30. Minswap pulled the free rewards availability on January 23rd. No more free rewards for the time being.

  31. What exactly does one have to do to receive tokens from SS in return for delegating with a stake pool? Is there something I have to do, or will those just be sent to the wallet that staked the ADA? I have four GERO wallets staked to different stake pools, so when I should I expect to receive SS tokens? Thanks….

  32. Your a a real bright spot in the Cardano ecosystem Paul. Enjoying your excellent coverage mate 👊🏽