Celo yield farming on Ubeswap using Moola market tokens for high yield passive income

Celo ecosystem has already their own AMM ubeswap and borrowing and lending platform very similar to Aave which is called Moola. You can gain high passive income yield farming profits now with triple rewards on some yield farming pool by providing liquidity to ubeswap. Celo has now support to use via metamask and they are looking to build crosschain bridge to help adaption for their blockchain.

Register account to Kucoin if you haven’t done it already, they support direct withdraw and deposit to/from celo clockchain for very cheap fees

All videos uploaded to my channel are done with educational purpose, but please note that they are based on my personal experience and my personal opinions. I’m not official financial advisor.

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  1. I had some celo for a while and the price has been up and down pretty much acting like a stable coin near $5 in my port. Time to get in to some defi action lol. Thanks for dropping the gems like always

  2. Glad you are back! Did not knew about this one! I’m looking forward to your cosmos video!