CMC YouTube Airdrop Updates! (Walkthrough)

Thank you! Thank you all for helping us reach 100,000 subscribers. It is a giant milestone for us and we couldn’t have done without your support!

To show our appreciation:

1. YouTube Airdrop Rewards
You will get them soon. Please be patient. We had thousands of submissions. It will take us a couple of weeks to go through them and announce winners. Stay tuned.

2. We Hear You.
We read all of your comments. The good, the bad and the ugly. And we want more of it.

A lot of you have been asking for CoinMarketCap Airdrop on page walkthrough. So here you go. We hope it helps and clarifies some things, especially the forsaken “YouTube Handle”.

P.S. For more behind the scenes of CoinMarketCap Videos check out

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  1. I have a question sir
    Should I join just by clicking join this airdrop Or I have to go through how to participate

  2. can you guys help
    I participated in the 80 90 lottery. It’s been 19 days but I haven’t won yet, is this normal?
    so i did everything right
    how long do the gains normally take

  3. why don’t make a template for people to follow? even to refer the forms as “handle” makes it confusing to understand for lots of people who are not familiarized with the term
    i’ve place ids without the full link, or ids without the “@” at the beggining, does it stops counting if you put it with or without it? i’ll never know if you don’t post a nice easy template to follow
    could be a side note, or displayed as an info hover, think about it ;)

  4. This is excellent project for the future with strong team, a transparent, planned and project roadmap. it will be successfulI. Always be waiting for the progress of this project. To the moon

  5. Update: YouTube Handle has been deleted from the Airdrop forms. Thanks for the feedback!

  6. Thanks! But when asked to “Enter your Binance Smart Chain Wallet Address”, can I enter my Metamask address?

  7. What about Remaining 800 DERC token . I win DeRc token airdrop but only 200 token give, remaining 800 DeRc tokens give or not. I think scam with all airdrop winer’s.

  8. hi I win DeRc token airdrop but only 200 tokens giving me ,how to claim 800 remaining DeRc tokens. Where I claim remaining DeRc tokens. claiming link not working. It’s mean scam with winer’s.

  9. Awesome project.Looking so sustainable. Hope it will go a long way in future.Really happy to be part of such a nice project.Hope for the best.

    I like your project❤😍👍

  10. better explained than others but still didn’t say what to put in the telegram handle? @ or no @ and the facebook handle i listened to you but still dont kno if i put what you did or just the @ …… you have half explained them but not enough. still dosn’t make sense after watching .. will look elsewhere again for more info.

  11. The fact I’ve been inputting shot in wrong this whole time makes me infuriated like fuck y’all can’t even put simple ass ducking directions

  12. do we have result for “Coinmarketcap-official-youtube-channel-launch-event”?

  13. There’s a new field to fill out which I don’t know how to do it. How do I get the “Link to retweeted post”? I liked and retweeted a comment but don’t know how to get the link.

  14. but there is some instructions on the how to participate list that we should do but they’re not on the cmc form ?
    should we do them or not ?

  15. and how abouts the retweet tasks with tagging 3 of your friends …… should we do a simple retweet and tag 3 friends at the comment … or a quoted retweet and tag 3 people ?

  16. what does ” Retweet this tweet and tag 3 of your best friends” mean?
    does it mean i Retweet and then comment and tag my friends in the comment.
    or does it mean Quote Tweet and tag friends in the quote tweet