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Coin Bureau: This Is The Most SHOCKING Cardano ADA News Ever!

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A couple of weeks back, Europe’s largest exchange, Bitstamp, added the ADA to its network. While this seems to be one of the biggest developments the ADA has had to experience in a while, Coin Bureau believes that there are more and better developments to come. In today’s video, we will be talking about Coin Bureau and the shocking information it recently disclosed about the ADA.

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ADA I Coin Bureau: This Is The Most SHOCKING Cardano News Ever!

Coin Bureau Just Said THIS About Cardano ADA | INSANE NEWS!

ADA I Coin Bureau Revealed INSANE Updates About Cardano!

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  1. Do you think Cardano will be affected by Coin Bureau’s words? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!!

  2. 🚀~I’m not freaking out,I’m wishing I could buy more. Thanks to Mrs Roselyn Walton

  3. ADA is going sideways for a year, its a great accumulattion opportunity at 1$-1.5$

  4. Just Stop talking please. You always talk…
    Always bla bla bla i want to see results!

  5. The patient you guys are n hold don’t judge by a few weeks long turn hold

  6. Bitcoin it’s the beginning of the end. India to introduce it’s own digital currency on April 1st transfers from Bitcoin will be charged 30% tax ouch. Central banks of all Countries will introduce there own digital currencies soon and will tax the crap on Bitcoin till everyone will realize how useless it will be as other digital currencies will be backed by central banks, Russia next to ban it and China already has banned it. They too will bring in their own versions, The banks are going to use blockchain for themselves.

  7. video is good, heading is “shocking” a bit cheesy.. you dont need to cry the wolf to get attention otherwise… you know the story

  8. Cardano is one of the best investments in the history of mankind. No, not a joke. ADA is a great sure, and all their ongoing crypto projects are amazing (if they all work) but the big thing is what they are doing with Ethiopia and are going to do with most of the rest of the world. Not only should you buy ADA, you should buy stakes/stocks in the company as much as you can. 10 years from now you can send me a few billions as a thank you.

  9. ☝️ helped me financially I made $20,000 from them during this lockdown their service are legit

  10. Hahahahaha you all been fooled ADA is going no where but down hahahaha good luck with crypto

  11. Wow what do we have here, ADA news, huh? I have been holding ADA on BFX for about 3 months now and might buy some more soon.

  12. Cardano ADA the joke coin which i’ve seen ever.
    Charles is a smart guy which became a rich during selling that bullshit!😅