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Coin98 – New Defi Coin on Binance : Coin 98 Future Price Prediction : Best Crypto coins : Altcoins

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disclaimer : crypto currencies investment is subject to risk. Best platform suggestions in not mean that coin price cannot be decreased in future however there are more chances to grow. Please invest on your own risk

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  6. your videos come out too rarely… But I hope that the next one will be about RACE and $yRACE. I’m so in love with them, and I’ll be glad to hear ur judgment!

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  9. Yes, NFT, it’s a trend. That’s why I’m waiting for the ICO token $CLCT – those who will just hold it will get 33percent of all commissions on the popular NFT Monaco Market platform.

  10. I love your videos! Can ya say smth about Enrex? I’m interested in it and want some expert mind.

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  21. imho I will disagree with you. There will be another alt-season, where many tokens will also give their x’s. For example, $CLCT, its ICO is already on September 20!

  22. I’m a follower of yours, buddy! I am also a fan of $CLCT. I wish you had done a review of such a great product yet. With them, u can buy a unique NFT backed to jewels on the Monaco Market system for example.

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