Welcome to the patient hodler channel: The statistics are still unclear on Ecomi (OMI) after the migration so we have time to focus on the crazy Ecomi (Omi) token burn mechanics and the tokenomics. We will see how Omi will make you rich and how Ecomi will hit one dollar in the next years. Insights into the Veve NFT market causing burns as well as the Omi utility program. This is a recap of what I have explained before but it needed some refreshment. The Omi token supply is decreasing drastically burning millions of Omi away once most sit on other exchanges waiting for their entry. But you are already invested.

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  1. We will look back when OMI hits $1 and say we knew this thanks to this video. This was an excellent master class on the OMI tokenomics. I appreciate the time you put into making this.

  2. Has ecomi been on record saying they plan on enlisting Omi token on a major exchange (Binance, Coinbase etc) – or has it just been investors speculating

  3. Hahah…great realistic and bullish views. My wife was also listening and I was laughing so hard at the end.

  4. I predict $1 within 30 months. Everyone is seriously underestimating the burn rate, the Asian population is massive and they love flexing. Plus all the funny money central banks will be printing soon, even if they say they are going to raise rates. It wont last a year before the printing machines start again.

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  6. Awesome video!! One of the best explanations of OMI tokenomics that I have read or seen! Excellent work sir!

  7. 2 years would be crazy, 4 years would be very nice and 5 years would be absolutely ok.
    At one usd my arcade collecting will be off the hook XD

  8. WHAT….wife-changing wealth??? Never heard that…..I have to remember that :D

  9. Question: Why doesn’t Ecomi top up the reserve wallet with buy backs now, while the OMI price is low, rather than waiting until the price rises ?

  10. Very good work. I knew everything but for newcomers this information is very important in order to understand the tokens concept. In my opinion Ecomi did a genius concept!

  11. Hello PatientHodler! Thanks for the great video on OMI burn tokenomics. You just gained a new subscriber my friend! Holding on to my OMI. Looking forward to more great content from you in the future.

  12. You described tokenomics better than anyone that I have ever watched! Bravo! You deserve 100k subs 💪🏻💪🏻

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  14. I have a question. So what would be the final supply ever, after everything is burned and the reserve wallet gets empty?

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