cronos yield farming for best yields on VVS finance via yield aggregator.

cronos yield farming is getting a lot more attention and the crypto.com ecosystem is growing very quickly crypto.com new EVM blockchain cronos has already gained over 400million usd TVL. VVS finance is the biggest project on cronos for the time being and we will take a look at how to gain the best yield farming profits on cronos using VVS finance vaults via yield aggregator which is… autofarm! one the more known and in my opinion safer options for automating your yield farming on cronos blockchain. let’s see if beefy finance will soon release their vaults too. And I’m really waiting to see some borrowing and lending platforms to be released on cronos for yield farming.

All videos uploaded to my channel are done with educational purpose, but please note that they are based on my personal experience and my personal opinions. I’m not official financial advisor.

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  1. is the yearly projection even remotely realistic, half a million from 70 bucks seems impossible. i have a good 20k to play around with, it would make no sense for it to be that easy to become a multi billionaire… can you explain this to me plz?

  2. Could you do a video of how to set up the USDC pair with the VVS and how to set it up. I’ve been running around in circles trying to figure this out. I transferd my funds to metamask but to the eth and now I can’t seem to figure this out.

  3. Can you please slow down.

    How do I autofarm through the defi app?
    I don’t have metamask wallet

  4. I have split my 600$ farm 50:50 to autofarm and directly VVS to see the performance difference. So far it is about the same. Right now I believe that autofarm might not be a better option as now is the early stage period, during which there is a massive capital inflow, which is rising the price of those “farm” tokens.

  5. Hi, there would be interesting to see how much did u rly make after 1 day or 1 week not just the projections :). thx maybe u can do a video with that too

  6. i think i did it wrong where i transferred my cro to eth mainnet. anyways to farm from here?

  7. @investing in life, how do you see your rewards from the pool and are they also received in VVS?

  8. sir , can i asking you again one question about token MDX ?

    last time meet you , they lock room 365 day with 500% APY with price is 1,8 usd , but now is 22% APY and price is 0.7807 , i know they make low APY for keep price , i do not lock on 365 day , i only hold in wallet , but i want asking about it , do you think MDX still fine ? i see MDX still top 5 in around few month in defistation io


  9. Thanks for the great info…i did everything u said, but at the moment 3:36 i cannot see “breakdown & projection” section…im on the same page after having already deposited the LP tokens but i cant find that section..plz tell me how to find these calculations

  10. I did this about 2 days ago and want to check how much I’ve made so far. CRO has gone up in price so I can’t tell what just the autofarm profit is. Where can I see the small transactions and incremental profits on autofarm from just the a.p.y.?

  11. Thanks for this video. In autofarm, regarding the reward, apart from the LP reward (the 2 native token), do we get any other Autofram platform token? and for the fee that autofarm is taking, does it taken from the LP (the 2 native token)? thanks

  12. By the way i tried to farm on autofarm for 3 days as test i lost 5 euro from 100 euro ;)
    What your opinion ?

  13. Why we have to provide the liquidity first in VVS finance and not in autofarm?

  14. Can someone explain to me how farming works, I know how staking works but I get confused with farming pairs, so if the price changes on both side then you are exposed to impermanent loss till they get back to the same price each so when do you get rewarded & the investment you put in can you always take it back out or are you donating liquidity to the pool & you new investment is the rewards till you break even

  15. After being listed on the exchange it seems like vvs will follow what cro does. Just like fantom and thomb in the beginnings

  16. Do you know how i can autocompound my staking rewards for farms that are not listed on autofarm? Farms like smolswap on cronos chain…any yield aggregator that can be applied to a farm of my choice?

  17. Hey, I have a question. How do you get your CRO and VVS back after you merged them for CRO-VVS LP tokens?

  18. What do you think, after some time where the APY sets on common pairs? Like cro/btc or cro/eth

  19. Hi I do get this error after ‘confirming’ to stake my LP tokens ‘The network may be congested. Please try again and confirm the transaction. Do not change the default gas transactions settings for Cronos as it will not help to speed up.’

    Is it really congested or its other errors?

  20. So will you still be charged a vvs finance harvesting fee everytime autofarm claims and restakes your rewards?

  21. i have to add liquidity in vvs finance first? and next go to autofarm?

  22. I’m confused on what’s actually going on here. So you are pairing two coins together? Once the amount is in the autofarm and you unfarm them, do you unpair the coins?