Cronos yield farming on new crypto.com defi blockchain complete beginner guide for yield farming

Cronos is new defi blockchain released by crypto.com and we have first platforms for yield farming. Yield farming at early phase can be very profitable and we have good yields for the time being. I would recommned to transfer funds via crypto.com exchange as that’s how I did it myself.
Feel free to use my referral link to signup for the crypto.com exchange if you haven’t done it yet and collect your signup bonus by staking some CRO. I know I don’t go too much into details on the documentations on each project, but this is my initial overview for the cronos yield farming and I will focus more on the individual platforms on the future videos as the ecosystem grows.

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Links to sites from the video

All videos uploaded to my channel are done with educational purpose, but please note that they are based on my personal experience and my personal opinions. I’m not official financial advisor.

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If you read this far to the description, thank you very much.
Have a nice day!

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  1. would be real nice if eth wasnt such a piece of dog shit…$185 to convert $100

  2. hey i am getting notified lately. this video was uploading 18 hours later i got notification from youtube 5 minutes ago. Although i am subscribed and bell notification is on

  3. I realy like Cro allot, i feel the potential…reminds me of Binance coin in the early days🤪🚀🚀

  4. okay so i got into this but i have a few questions… 1) when swapping half of the amount to other token so i can add a liquidity.. for example: if the full amount was 100$ and i swapped 50$ into other token and then added them both to liquidity (LP) … does that mean I now have 50$ or 100$ in farming (because under the staked it says 100$)… 2) what does button (harvest) next to earned do

  5. Help please!
    I have defi wallet and cro native tokens on cro chain(not erc20).
    I wanna know how to convert back to erc20 token or send to my metamask with the cronos bridge.
    Can you make a video please or post some useful links.
    Thank you and best regards.

  6. Dude u say complet beginner gude but i think u are missing some steps cuz i dont understand many things u give for granted:

    do i need to swap 2 different tokens in order to get accet so the pool?
    Do i need to use a specific pair ?
    How does it work?

  7. Can you make a step-by-step tutorial on how to use your CRO to earn yeild on VVS ?

  8. Kindly confirm how to stake for USDC- VVS LP.. Do we need to Swap CRO to USDC and then to add liquidity by selecting USDC and VVS.

  9. Dislike to your video. Please don’t traduce to other languages, your title and description. We don’t search videos that have english language

  10. CRO is on the Ethereum chain, so does that mean it suffers from the same exorbitant transaction fees as Ethereum does currently?

  11. Need help, I have cro coin and vvs, I have converted cro into cronas but still only saying I have the vvs coin avaliable when trying to farm, anyone had this?

  12. 0:50 Hi, I couldn’t make out which swap you said you doubled your money on . Which one?