Crypto.com VVS Finance Tutorial | VVS Yield Farming Walkthrough | How to Stake in Liquidity Pools

🕑 Timestamps:

00:00 introduction
02:24 Add CRO to VVS using Cronos Bridge
04:25 Swapping tokens to create liquidity
06:16 Creating liquidity
07:21 Staking liquidity in farm
09:19 Harvesting rewards and un-staking
11:43 Swap VVS rewards back to CRO
13:05 Send CRO back to DEFI wallet using Cronos Bridge

One of the most profitable ways I have made money recently is staking in yield farms on the new crypto.com / VVS finance platform I made over $700 in a little over a week using this method.

However, it seems that many people are having real difficulty staking on the new VVS platform so hopefully this VVS Yield Farming walkthrough will make it crystal clear and show you how to add CRO to Cronos, how to swap CRO to VVS, how to create CRO/VVS liquidity tokens, how to stake VVS using your liquidity, how to harvest your gains and then how to un-stake your investment.

This video is not financial advice but just a quick walkthrough of staking and un-staking on the Crypto.com / Cronos VVS finance platform.

Staking crypto currency is not guaranteed to earn you any money and can in fact lose you money very quickly, so only invest what you can safely afford to lose.

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Disclaimer: Although I do have a financial background, I am not a financial advisor so all the information in this and any of my other videos is for entertainment purposes only. Invest wisely and at your own risk.


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  14. I appreciate the thorough and detailed walk through sir. The yield farming is very confusing without some help.

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    I do have a question, if we harvest does it effect the APR? cause I see the the % is getting lower and lower every day. And our tokens in the LP, when we remove it, we do not lose any invested VVS and CRO, right?

  21. if youre worried about impermanent loss, provide into the LPs that are paired with a stable coin. only have to worry about one coin fluctuating.

  22. Nice video, very clear and informative, thank you. Any idea on at what point you will be taxed, and whether it’s income tax or capital gains? Based in UK? Cheers 👍

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