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  17. thnx for your content! Tell me, does the smart contract on Optimus Community really work that well?

  18. dude, this is just a great video! I was wondering, will u do a review on Optimus Community?

  19. buddy, this is just a great video! I was wondering, will u do a review on Optimus Community?

  20. Why r there so many Shiba Inu reviews on the internet and so little information about Partisia Blockchain? Although cash likes silence, that’s right.

  21. WHAT A LOAD OF RUBBISH !!! the breed of people like you that you gain from other peoples losses from your fake info…. what are you on about mate !!!!! boost coin has dropped like the titanic since this video… -350% DROP !!!!! ….. one thing you got right about your self ” RUN GUYS” runaway . the only bull from here if you can smell it … 350% drop from since your rattle snake voice made this video. its never gone up

  22. I’ll send this video to my bro. Btw, he’s a keeper of $PRDX. Is it a good token or rubbish? He says it’s highly valuable, but it sounds too amazing…

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