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Do the Paper Trade.
🎯DISCLAIMER – This video is knowledge sharing purpose only.

Understand the Market Risk and Consult your Financial Advisor Before Investing.

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  1. Bank ac ku real money ya transfer pannikka mudiyuma adha mattum sollunga?

  2. Thank you Brother.Instead of INR trade from WRX menu bro. One Video I saw from Techno Vas. Hope it helps you cut maker taker fee. Regards.

  3. Created Wazirx account with your referral bro.

  4. Bro nega sona app amount epadi use pandrathu 1video poduga bro atha pathai details

  5. Very useful video about crypto. Thanks for the fundamental explanations about it

  6. எல்லாம் சரி தலைவரே,இந்த பீயூச்சர் & ஆப்ஷன்ல இருக்கற மாதிரி கான்ராயிட்டு,கன்டீஷன் எதுவும் இல்லையே.எப்ப வேனாலும் வாங்கலாம்,எப்ப தோனுதோ அப்ப விக்கலாம் அதானே.ONT 82ரூ,CRV 234 ரூ அதுல இருக்கற,அதுல தெரியற ரூபாய குடுத்தா போதுமா.ஒருத்தர் சொல்றாரு ,டாலர மாத்தி, கரன்சிய வாங்க முடியும்னு.

  7. Sir yenaku trade theriyathu but na amount pay panna yenaku trade panni kuduka yaravathu irukangala

  8. Hello 👋, please post more videos about crypto currency trading video using Wazrix app usages. Thanks for your excellent service

  9. Hai bro… 100× crypto nilamai ennanu ungaluku therinja sollunga bro.. nan 107 usd ku buy panniyirundhen… ippo ennoda position layum kanom bro… Diwali ku ooruku poitu Vandhu partha account la kanom bro

  10. Account activation aga evolo time agum bro.. kyc verify ku aprm than deposit panamudiuma?

  11. I am middle and low class family sir I interested to trading but I am not clearly please Just few minutes’ teach

  12. Are you folks reading the latest news on cryptocurrency regulation in India? If not, do check for news on meetings chaired by PM, RBI, Parliament Committee members in last one week. Reserve banks across world will follow India and start regulating crypto transactions. You can for sure expect taxation & strong monitoring of crypto trading activities by each government. All amateur & bogus crypto analysts will get vanished soon!

  13. Hi guys, am blockchain developer, all app like this are full of algorithms so finally trader will loose all amount. This is manual scripts which is developed by developer like me. So its very risky

  14. in 2017 june watched ur video and started share trading. now 2021 nov intrested in crypto and watching ur videos…u are a positive person and a good teacher.heartfull thanks for all

  15. Sir if we open account with brokers, and doing trade thru them, and in case if we Want to close the account will it be easy? What is the procedure and how many days it will take to close the trade account

  16. Bro, can you please advise if this is a good portfolio for a long term purpose – ADA + MATIC + SAND + MANA + ENJ + WRX + SHIB ?

  17. Bro, in this video not explained about 1. How to sell our portfolios 2. How will withdrawal money or funds to our linked account..3. is there any other hidden charges for these withdrawal transaction..4.How long it will take to credits in our linked account

  18. Anna ,binance or wazirxla amount load panna nalla method ethu..?
    Upi not availablenu varuthu

  19. இது cash segment போலவா அல்லது F&O போன்றதா

  20. தலைவரே இப்போ உங்க crypto fortfolio kaatunga thalaiva evlo erukunu papom oru awarnace erukkum ellarukum heaviya kila vilunthuchunu soluranga

  21. If your investing experience is less than 10 years, start with 4-6 portfolio. Don’t bet big on any single company, learn the process first. Initial diversification is not bad, it really worked for me during my earlier years. Remember that protection of Capital is a must, Good luck.

  22. I enjoyed their services🔌.it’s fast like no other

  23. Bro shib kandippa 1 rupee kooda varaathu because shib ooda supply athikam, shib 1 rupees varanumnaa kandippa athu bit coin ah vida 10 times athikama capital pudikanum so it’s not possible in 10 years

  24. I have been watching so many videos about crpto and forex trading investment but yet I’m still making losses trading on my own, please can you give me good strategy or at least advice on how to make good profit through investing

  25. This is excellent content and a well concise video. I liked every bit of your explanation, it shows there’s lot I must do if I want to be proficient with my trades.

  26. Bro athae trading soldringa.. I don’t know trading at all. Your explanation is superb.. so please explain the trading also

  27. Starting early is the best way of getting ahead to build wealth, investing remains a priority. The stock market has plenty of opportunities to earn a decent payouts, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works.

  28. Investing with Mrs Natasha has changed the best step I have ever took in my life, may God bless that day I meet her