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Cryptocurrency News Today Amazon Accept Bitcoin | Cardano | Axie Infinity | Elon Musk

Cryptocurrency News Today Amazon Accept Bitcoin | Cardano | Axie Infinity | Elon Musk.

on the news today. Amazon plans to accept bitcoin payments this year. top 3 stockings of crypto games with a growth constant. the CEO of Binance awaits a massive regulation of the cryptocurrencies. Mike macklon thinks bitcoin will go to the resistance of $60000.

news about Elon musk, Cardano, and Axie Infinity. all this and more in this video.

so make sure you watch this video until the end because you will be surprised about recent news in the crypto world.

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With no more excuses let’s get started. Binance CEO awaits massive crypto currencies regulation. Crypto currency prices rose today, with Bitcoin rising more than 8% to $39937, according to CoinDesk data.
Bitcoin prices have risen in recent sessions. on speculation that Amazon may enter the crypto currency sector. as well as statements from Ark Investment Management LLC’s, Cathie Wood, and Tesla Chief Execut
ive Officer CEO Elon Musk. which have aided its momentum. Binance CEO stated that massive regulations are coming for the entire crypto market. In the live online event, redefine tomorrow, the Binance CEO revealed that he has first-hand information about strong regulatory actions by the governments. He did not give a list of what these governments are, but he did say that one of them will be the United States.

and it is for this reason that binance US, binance’s version for the united states plans to comply with all regulations and go public.

THE CEO of BINANCE also stated that these regulations could spark a new wave of fear on the market, and that BINANCE is already taking preventive measures.

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Axie Infinity continues to break records. Axie Infinity reached a new high with the historic value of $49 and 20 cents. In addition, the sales of its NFT reached a new record in volume.

The NFT project has seen a price increase of $350 to its recent high price in just one month. The increase in price made Axie Infinity go up 1331% in just 30 days. Currently, Axie Infinity has a market capitalization of 2.5 trillion dollars, which ranks it as project number 40 by capitalization market.

This project has stood out from the others for the security it transmits to players and investors, by having associations such as UbiSoft and Samsung. It should also be noted that their servers are still managed by the the great influx of recent players.

Mike Novogratz, THE CEO of galaxy digital says that the Non-fungible tokens, or the NFT are a safe bet.

The CEO Of Galaxy Digital, believes the Non-fungible tokens have a great future ahead as they will be in all industries.

Novogratz predicts that the medical records will soon be in NFT, also the audiovisual industry video games.

Everyone will start to use this new technology. According to Mike Novogratz the recognized investor, he believes that the NFT will revolutionize various industries.

In addition he also said don’t be surprised when real estate property titles BE in Non-fungible tokens. Bitcoin is still in a bull market according to crypto firm quant. the analysis firm crypto quant said that bitcoin remains in the bull market despite the recent 50% correction.

Crypto quant declared that since two thousand thirteen, the periods during which bitcoin was falling strongly, were the best moments to buy before an increase of prices.

crypto quant, claims that Bitcoin still are in a bull market. Also according to crypto quant, the fall of bitcoin was interrupted by the conference called the WORD B. The conference had the participation of Elon musk, Cathie Wood, jack Dorsey. they are 3 CEO that are very important in the technology industry. and they are currently boosting bitcoin.

Elon musk demonstrated that he still supports dojecoin. the CEO of Tesla Elon musk gave a clear message to his followers on what should be their view on dogecoin. Elon Musk tweeted a matrix-themed meme showing Annie asking if he can make a lot of money with dogecoin.

And mofeo with Shiba Inu’s head replies, that doGecoin it’s money. the CEO of tesla always has promoted the vision that DOjECOIN is a reliable means of payment, but with so much competition in the crypto market It is difficult to know where the dogecoin can reach. the next two months will be fun for Cardano.

Charles Hoskinson founder Cardano or promised that the next two months will be fun for Cardano. in his last live broadcast, Charles Hoskinson said that Cardano is now compatible with web browsers and mobile browsers.


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