Defi 2.0 Crypto Projects New Yield Farming Projects

Defi 2.0 Crypto New Yield Farming Projects In the world of decentralized finance Defi 2.0 Crypto Projects are new yield farming projects that propose to make incredible changes to finance and how yields are paid. Subscribe https://goo.gl/ogWmRC

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  1. Klima and Time. I’ll be sure to look it up. Time has been mentioned a couple times on my channel. 😤😤

  2. I’m still so new and not have a lot of assets to invest but I will slowly do so.

  3. i got OHM and GYRO (both awesome)

    then there is klima on polygon and wonderland on AVAX

  4. Thanks for this video bro…. But can you list all projects similar to Olympus or Klimadao…? Or where I can find lists of these Defi 2.0 projects…? Thanks

  5. I have a question: If you can’t get your LP tokens out, does it mean you only get to take out the reward token?
    And is the LP token staked forever or is there a time limit on the stake , ie 3months or 6 months?

  6. Excellent video, I will be alert to a new video in order to enter early in a new defi 2.0 project
    Thx a lot

  7. I’ve watched this three times and each time I think. This is brilliant, a decentralised reserve currency, wow what vision.

  8. Great video. Subscribed! I have been following OHM and TIME but I own GYRO. Thoughts on GYRO?

  9. Holy shxt!…. Defi to the mooooon! This is what I scour through YouTube looking for! Amazing project!

  10. This is brilliant I really got a lot from this video Nice picture Looking forward 😔 i really got a lot from this video Hi how are you