Elrond – EGLD Coin

DEX Concepts – Swaps, Liquidity Pools, & Farming Basics! Elrond EGLD Maiar Exchange (MEX) Overview!

#Maiar #Elrond #EGLD
DeFi Concepts Explained – Swapping, Liquidity Pools, & Farming. Let’s review the Maiar Exchange!

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  1. That’s it, man! It will be amazing the next few weeks. Some guys are talking about to change strategy in a few days? Means when your EGLD/Mex Farm does not throw enough EGLD back to match your LKMEX for recompounding the LP…do you know what’s next?

    Apriciate 🚀🙏🍀

  2. Agreed, interesting time ahead of us and grateful for being part of this journey. Much appreciation for this Maiar Exchange tutorial, it helped me understand a few concepts and the purpose of it while also using it and collecting rewards! #Elrond #EGLD #MEX

  3. According MEX economics , the first 8 weeks will be boosted in rewards.
    Advice is to maximise MEX rewards as much this 8 weeks by keeping double rewards in LP tokens

  4. Another great video, the elrond comunity loves you man and you share the love back.
    What is happening here it’s gona change so many lifes, elrond is the perfect ecosystem to decrease the financial inequality in the world.

  5. Spread the word to everyone online! Elrond will reach $500 by the end of this year!

  6. Love u man, u deserve more subs but we are getting there ❤❤ love from ro

  7. 875k tx in the first day, maiar dex is a beast, thats just insane i cant be more grateful

  8. Perfect vid my friend thanks, looking forward for your TA video always interesting and insightful, take care and congrats to all us!

  9. Subscribed! Nice clearly articulated explanations. Well done and thanks for building the Elrond community.

  10. Awesome video bruh. So helpful. This will sure help grow the ecosystem as more people understand how to do it.

  11. I’ve been following you in Twitter for a long time! Egld needs more videos from long term holders like you!!!!

  12. I had issues with adding liquidity Egld Usdc it doesn’t shows in my liquidity on maiar exchange but the transaction went through…

  13. is there any option to transfer the lp token back into egld and mex? I want to make sure I can convert it back..maybe I’ve overlooked a button but I don’t see a way to swap it back.

  14. I’ve been following the Elrond team and yourself for a little over a year now and I can only thank you enough for your dedication to this project. It’s wonderful to connect with like-minded individuals such as yourself. After a few hours of wrapping my head around this, I’ve finally come up with my own strategy that works for me (with the help of your video). Much love, let’s see what Elrond has in store for us all.

  15. Just great ,clear info to the point ! u are becoming my favorite youtuber ,i wish u all the best!

  16. I’ll share this everytime I will need to explain these concepts. Thank you so mich Div!

  17. I am going to have to watch this video about 6 times to try to understand this! What is the APY, up to 10,000% ?? Is that possible?

  18. Thank you very much for taking the time making this video. It really helped me understand about imperment loss because I lost half of my tokens but no need to complain because it was free from Elrond. I’m glad I’m part of this community and happy that I’m helping the Maiar exchange and will be adding more liquidity in to the pool. With low fees I’m loving this.

  19. Actually I think to make more LP’s with your earned LKMEX, you would only need to pull half of your earned from the LP pool you made with bought MEX…
    You have 1000 earned MEX. You pull 500 MEX from pool as you will also pull an equivalent amount of EGLD.
    Swap the 500 pulled for EGLD, you now have 1000 MEX worth of EGLD. Make LP’s and put back.
    Trying it now… brilliant;)

  20. Great video! Thank you for everything you are doing for the Elrond community! $eGLD 🔥🔥🔥
    $MEX 🔥🔥🔥

  21. So the last option, whom crystal meth said is the best one or ?

    Or do you guys stake egld too ?

  22. I just got into crypto investing this year everything was intimidating but your videos helped reassure me to hold an buy the dip during those that huge dip back in May. I always wanted to get into defi and yield farming but again it seemed too intimidating but after watching this I started taking the first step playing around with the Maiar Exchange. Most information out there just say where to click to do whatever but you actually break down the actual processes of what happens behind the scenes in a way that is easy to understand. Thanks again for helping make a difference in my financial life Crypto Div!

  23. Great video. Just a small point that I wish I knew as soon as the exchange opened. You can actually manually enter the slippage value. So, in times of high volatility, you can enter a high value to make sure your transaction goes through.

  24. You look like tony stark, and you are also doing a service in crypto.. amazing human being :)

  25. Thanks for the video, how often do you harvest? Is there any amount where i am most profitable to harvest and stake again?

  26. Will the MEX token drop after the initial 8 weeks end, what are your thoughts?

  27. Another great video thanks. I believe the Denver strategy suggests locking 33% only into the EGLD/MEX LP but I only found this out after I had already locked 100%. Why is the Denver strategy suggesting this?

  28. When you hover over the ‘i’ in farms, you get a list of unlock dates, what are these, I don’t have them.

  29. Great explanation. Subscribed. Please keep the vids coming. Much to grasp for people like me just getting into farming. Just make more. Free associate your thoughts, and we will learn!

  30. Great video, but the sound was a low compared to other vids. I had you fully cranked and it was still low.

  31. this might be a dumb question. So I added EGLD / USDC in the liquidity pool then staked it , but are we able to get back that USDC back to swap it back for EGLD? or the only way we can make EGLD is by the MEX rewards tokens when we swap them for EGLD? this is my 1st time experiencing this.

  32. Now it’s 3 weeks later and mex Arp is almost equivalent to egld-mex ARP.
    So, would it be better to just stake MEX and avoid impermanent loss? Or would staking egld- mex be more profitable with the current ARP???????

  33. Subscribed.

    I’ve got almost all of this video. However, is there any other way to stake LKMEX back in without any EGLD or LP tokens? I didn’t quite catch on that part (crypto newbie here).

  34. do you only get locked mex if your lp token was originally locked ? …. when i earn rewards from mex farm only which i believe is not locked ….. can i set up a locked mex farm from the non locked mex reward …. im really finding this all confusing … i didnt lock my original lp token egld / mex …so do i withdraw it and start again and lock it to earn locked mex reward? then stick that reward in a locked mex farm ?