Disney Golden Moments 10 Year Price Projection | Veve Collectibles, Ecomi OMI

In this video, I show the 10-year price projection for Disney Golden Moments Collectibles on Veve, based on the increase of users on the App which will cause tremendous scarcity in these First Appearance quality digital collectibles on Veve.


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  1. awesome video man! i was looking for a video like this for a while. just picked up an elsa today for 3660 and i’m so happy :) gonna hold her for a long time now

  2. Awesome video
    I have the Simpsons, Elsa , Ironman , starwars set can you predict 10 years ?

    I’m not including my steamboat complete set

    Would appreciate it

  3. Great videos! I wonder if you can cover projects for Spider-Man Secret Rare Collectible?

  4. Excellent analysis video, crazy price predictions based on maths/supply and demand/expected user growth rates. Crazy but it was enough to make me just sub.

  5. When I see your análisis i m like 🤯. Then i see all the process and its really logic. We are so Early. 10 m users by 2022 is really conservative. And AR glasses from apple an Meta are coming. Plus all the others catalist. Can you do a prediction of OMI price?

  6. Wow my girlfriend will eclipse my crypto bags with her r2d2 in the future 😂

  7. Hello Friend, I’m totally agree with you, this is digital gold, best regards !!!!!

  8. There is just one thing i’d like to add on these as the predictions are very well made!

    But you can’t know all factors. And i’ll tell you why.

    Digital is power bro.

    1. Celebrities. What if they start too use these items in their video’s etc etc. That’s a very well possibility in the future.

    2. Instutional money (Investors) I’d really think if the MTL happens that there will be big investors out there who would want to have a piece of disney it’s items.
    If that’s true then there could be alot of spikes up as the supply decrease and the demand increase. This will create a supply shock for certain items.
    (Like donny) < This item is not worth 150k Maybe it's listed because of that and it get sold for that amount of money. But still it's not worth 150k (But well people do what people do) 3. Big IP (Disney is going to be one hell of a ip since we hold their first NFT's and that's very very undervalued right now. And the company does know this. They both do veve and disney. 4. Future utility class. What utility/Subscriptions will they put on it? Will they drop items? Here are some points that will have influence over the item. It's very very unpredictable as off now because it's in it's beginning phase.

  9. je veux bien. j’en ai 7 en tout. 2 C-3, 2 Wall, 1 avengers,1 pizza et 1 iron. et je suis un fucking holder.

  10. I was able to get a WALL E when they dropped for only 60 gems definitely will be holding 😁

  11. Thank you for taking the time to provide your analysis of future price predictions for these collectibles. Your generosity in providing this information will hopefully assist people to consider their position and strategy for collectibles.

  12. Hello from France. Do you think Elsa is better than C-3PO for the future because nowadays elsa is near 3700 and C3PO near 4100. Thanks

  13. What would be your opinion on #41 deadpool common? it’s the first ever minted deadpool since it’s common and FA. Is it worth holding a long time im worried that veve will release the editions lower than 41 and decrease the value

  14. Come on u really think over a million for all golden moment posible? I hope so i got full set except partner and got few double sets. Dont u think its possible feauture price alredy priced in?

  15. Could you do this with SBW. Great video. I got pizza truck on drop. Could of got wall e for 180 but I held my gems for a chance of Walt. I don’t regret it but tough loss. Wall e is out of reach for me . But I have 3 GM on drop . Iron man, Pizza truck and homer Bart

  16. Subscribed. Great video. What’s your name on VEVE? I’ll try to find and follow

  17. It would be nice if prices reached this level, but a bit u realistic. We currently have 1.9M active users, so if we hit 10M by end of year, that’s a 5X. 5X the price of Partners would be 200K. So $100K-200K by EOY is a more realistic prediction. And it really depends on the type of people who join the app. Even if we get 10M new users, if they’re typical middle class Westerners or from developing countries they aren’t going to be able to afford a $100K NFT. If wealthy Disney fans or the crypto rich join this space, then we could see some big purchases, but a $1M *floor* is sill unlikely.