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Dogecoin is pushing up as Bitcoin is pushing along the overall cryptocurrency market. Dogecoin is setting itself up for a continued uptrend and recovery. This video does a price analysis and update on Dogecoin. Comment your thoughts on where Dogecoin is moving next.

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  1. Just buy da dips ,Hodl it’s gonna go up …. btc is always gonna go up .so is da Doge!!!! Hola ese here listening to ur magic 🎩

  2. The what’s up in the opening is usually too loud for me. so I always mute your video in the beginning.

  3. I totally agree with what you are saying and that is why I always look forward to your post. I contacted Richard Baker like you aske me to and surprisingly I was able to earn 16 B T C with the initial 5 B T C I invested in, which is over 300%. Thank you once again. Keep up the good work.
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  4. Good level head , Yes we are heading in the right direction but still have hurdles to climb, I will feel better if or when btc breaks an holds 44.4k

  5. once i get my wallet i will start accepting
    doge as a payment. lets stop waiting on tweets from ellon and make this meme coinpyramid scheme into a actual viable currency