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Dogecoin Millionaire is BACK He’s FALLING APART and It’s GLORIOUS to Watch $DOGE $SHIB #BUSSY


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  1. he has about 500k left and hes gonna blow it. He can put all that in apple and microsoft and be a millionaire again in a few years,

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  4. I’m forgetting the details but the dogecoin millionaire dude actually had a youtube channel where he produced hip hop commentary content but never really showed his face. Because he’s voice sounds familiar. I just forget what he used to go by. But a lot of people don’t realize that this dude has other sources of income other than dogecoin which is why he took such huge risks with dogecoin imo.

  5. Imagine someone giving you 3 million cash and you just say no i want more…lol that’s what pro doge pretty much did… once in a life time moron 😂

  6. question moron why are eth wales buying millions of dollars daily of shib yea a dog coin

  7. Hey don’t be mean! He’s a nice GuuuUUUUyyy!!!! And he might have a family so you can’t say anything negative to people with a family! -Tom Gash

  8. If this guy just hit the sell button at 3 mill he would be living a different life…

  9. Strong man your doing great work.your not a hater your honest about these ytubers taking advantage of us beginners. Thank you more videos on Chris sain please.

  10. @8:00 Don’t worry. I just emailed the SEC. They know me well.

  11. “He probably got infected with HIV from the truck stop” 🤣💀⚰️🥀

  12. Gambling mindset.. you find it common with people who strike it rich out of luck, find their way back to the bottom, one way or another.

  13. Some of these grifters are showing up in my YouTube feed ever since I started watching your channel

  14. “What does it do? Its a currency, oh we already have those”. Great reason as to why crypto has no fundamentals bro.

  15. Soo many people used thier unemployment money’s and stimulus to pump up stocks and stupied coins now its time to slay the pigs the suits are shorting the markets and top 1% are selling..should put 1 million in bank or gold and silver.

  16. Strong man has been shting on crypto before during and after 1000x gains.

    Really putting your neck on the line when doge was .01 then went to .70. Now it’s .14. Lololol 14x in one year …

  17. He is a scammer. No mercy to him strong Man Personal Finance, you are right. He promotes shitcoins to his fans.

  18. If dude was so greedy that $3,000,000 wasn’t good enough, he deserves to watch it all disappear. When lady luck smiles upon you tell her thank you and take the money. His idiot slapped her in the face while screaming MORE BITCH!

  19. What’s your opinion on cathee wood, her article and investment stratergy? Can you make a vid on that

  20. LOL, I really can’t believe he’s actually still holding this… imagine being so greedy you don’t sell your shitcoin after it goes up like 2,000% in a month.

  21. Your a real person I can tell. I hope this dogebad becomes homeless for ruining peoples financial lives

  22. If he is a good person he should tell people to buy VT ETF and not pumping crypto

  23. Crypto is not bad. Most crypto is terrible. The best projects are the best chance to give you financial freedom. Dogecoin is a fork of litecoin which is a fork of btc. There is no real development or anything. The founder actually admitted he did it in 3 hours at home. Most crypto = crap. Best projetcs best thing in the world. Btc is up 4 million times from 2009. Ether is up 15000x from 5 years ago. Hex is 3860x or so sincr dec 2019. They dip 80-90% constantly. The price of thr best performing assets of all timr is called volatility.

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  25. Im 50 , 30 years in tech and saying crypto has no value is moronic, but hey, i dont expect much else from an accountant. In fact most accountants retire broke

  26. He definitely has the perfect look. When he had millions from the scam, that was his opportunity to close shop, take the millions and shave the hair and beard. He missed his boat to a new life and could have had complete anonymity. Oh…but he’s so smart!

  27. The man made millions and threw it back in the dumpster fire hoping for a magic trick.

  28. What is this channel?! It’s so stupid! :))))) Just loving it!!! Stupid Dogee Pro Looser had 3mil. remember the video just how Mevin Keet &gang pumped it. When told to sell “He was solid, man”
    Remember this. Only Human!

  29. I might shill some METAVERSE and crypto so i can get some more views. My METAVERSE ETF IS TRASH video got the most views hahaha

  30. He does apologize later on in that video about being a pos shill im pretty sure, but then blames the victim for buying it and listening to him

  31. Sexy blue-eyed grifter! Can’t wait for crypto to go to zero. There is no value in it. It generates no cash flow.

  32. Certified accountant, right!!!! Nobody would hire this fool. Hope your YouTube channel works out because you obviously failed at accounting…. 😂😂😂😂