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Dogecoin SUSPENDED 🚨 Shiba Inu Coin Take Over Attempt ⚠️

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  1. Fortunately you picked Floki Inu and thats going to give massive gains.

    Everyone is moving over to Floki Inu as its still early.

    Floki Inu = to the MOOOOOOOOOONNN!

  2. FIA Token is on the presale now, I think you should have a review video

  3. Tired of hearing shiba trying to kill doge shiba is just backed up by people who couldn’t jump on doge on time so since they were late they jumped on shiba because it was too late to jump in on doge when it went up so they jumped on shiba and pumped it so now that they are invested too much in shiba they don’t wanna lose that investment so the so called community trashes doge so it can be the only coin that pumps money

  4. The moment I thought Matt can you address DogeX please… and @3:46 immediately grants my wish… thank you.

  5. Don’t let the wells get your shers hold I messed up and lost 700 shers because I fell for it last time this time I baut the dip and never have ben happier I gained back my 700 hundred shers. Stey stong

  6. How do you buy Tking on a wallet can u give step by step are direct me to where I can learn to use a wallet

  7. I’m thinking of selling my Doge and leaving RobinHood. Tired of this platform. They seem pretty shady

  8. Your Twitter account says you’re the top YouTube crypto channel.
    Do those satistics somehow include robots as relevant?
    🤣 LMFAO!

  9. Its not just dodge coin all coins the have really low transaction fees like XRP XLM VET so on and on they want to take more money from us with highest transaction feel for all other coins no one takes out for their cost to send

  10. Man you’re the worst person ever your predictions are horrible. People will make more money opening a savings account then the stupid coin. LOL

  11. Dang Elon tanked Dogecoin by coming after Bernie. Dude needs to understand that a major portion of doge holders are actually socialists

  12. Robbin hood Is on some bullshit im waiting for all my stuff to go up to pull my money out of there 😤 and they are also 8n bed with citadel

  13. It’s BSC chain problem. Becareful. If BTC crash, you won’t be able to sell and you will lose so much. I hope that Binance won’t rug us.

  14. I don’t understand nfts I’m sticking to crypto I wouldn’t even know how to buy a nft if I wanted to 🤔

  15. That guy is paranoid dodge coin is Been at 24 cents for 4 months what people are doing in that proyect shiva it’s the proyect

  16. It’s been six month Doge in Coma . 😴 💤 May be it never wake up again . Now Buy any EV better than Any Crypto .

  17. You need to roast the feds. For trying to in slave use through taxes

  18. Come on over to the shiba inu ARMY we will make you a general come over brother

  19. As i been sayin all along U will never see a wallet on Robinhood!

  20. Everything is manipulated by the central banks! The only reason they allow crypto to exist is so they can manipulate and make tons of money on it

  21. I brought up shiba around April and you blew it off like it’s wasn’t going to do nothing