Welcome to the Patient Hodler channel: As the Ecomi (OMI) token migration is going on and takes longer than expected and the Veve NFT market is down, we have a little bit more time to take a walk and think about growth. Do we want explosive or sustainable growth for Ecomi (OMI)? The question is often: When Moon? When Lambo? But is this desireable. Let’s discuss. With this in mind we also see that we have invested in one of the best possible crypto projects out there to buy now. With its token burn mechanics, the best NFT market and more and more utility coming, Ecomi will make Millionaires in the near future. Let’s goo.

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  1. I’m just getting over covid (what a joke of a plague) so have been avoiding the market for the last week. Now that I am looking into it again I am surprised by how steady OMI held the line while everything else is seeming to collapse! Once again glad I made the decision I did when I got into OMI!

  2. Well said PH… It wouldn’t surprise me if the OMI token will have it “Chinese bamboo” moment and then settle down to a steady growth path as the Ecomi team continues to execute on the biz plan.

  3. The longer this goes on the less I believe in story of OMI reaching any heights. My guess is we will make it to 2 cents from what I see happening now. If we dont get real upwards momentum once on bigger exchanges then that is it, that will be our top price. Whales have billions of OMI.

  4. Great advice my friend I have tried and failed on most of what you said regarding diet and exercise, i think you are correct to be patient and take one step at a time to succeed in the long term . We can get carried away with the omi token and the Veve nfts but I think we have great people steering the ship towards steady growth which is what we need .

  5. How long do we have to keep our tokens on the exchange before moving them back to the Trust Wallet?

  6. Valuable mindset. I think why so many people are giddy right now, is bc of the fundamentals. IMX, exchanges, master collector, utility, mtl, nft to OMI, etc. that is why people think the price could explode, AND be somewhat sustainable. Comparing it to bitcoin isn’t really relevant right now.

  7. 🤣🤣🤣 You didn’t say “full retard ” this time. I was going to tell you to watch that saying in the future. I personally don’t care, but as your channel grows some people could get offended. Great video too broski 👏🏾