Ecomi OMI Massive UPGRADE Starts A New Era! Apple and Google Dive Into Blockchain, Crypto, and NFT’s

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  1. Can I now buy on bitforex and send to veve wallet? Or is there a layer 1 to layer 2 process?

  2. My dude thank you.
    Positive Pineapple 🍍Gang Double 0G vibes.
    Let’s gooooooo they waiting for you in the studio full access
    Record that new renaissance music 🎼

  3. Be cool if that added a room to your showroom or changed a room to that or you could ar into that room 🔥

  4. Got a goofy.. by my Givenchy Fn love that song bars on bars my boi 🔥⭕🔥⭕ listen to it everyday about 6times a day lol 😆

  5. That street fighter vid I saw like 10 months ago and was one of the reasons I became very bullish

  6. Bro can you please do a video on how to shift Erc20 omi to ledger nano? Thanks for everything gang!

  7. is anyone else having issues with their trust wallet not displaying the total value amount of our erc20 tokens? my wallet lists the amount of new erc20 tokens but it doesn’t say the value of them, the top header displays $0.0 for the total value. any help appreciated.

  8. Always great content. I saw your vid on recur earlier this morning and wanted to comment but can’t find it. I was wondering what your thoughts were on why recur announced all their partnerships and Veve has not while stating they are not per nda. I feel Veve has a better handle on things. Do you feel recur is jumping the gun to try to be relevant?