ECOMI OMI Migration from GO20 to ERC20 Token – What I’m Doing!

The OMI migration is currently occurring from GO20 Gochain to ERC20 Ethereum based OMI crypto. In this video I share what I am doing during the process and some good best practice methods. Let’s talk about it in the comments…

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***I am not a financial advisor; this video is meant to be used for entertainment purposes only and represents only my personal opinions***

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  1. As for the Trust Wallet you have to add the Erc20 token with the address the team provided. It won’t just appear.

  2. Do you know how to recover your omi if you sent it to erc20 contract address instead of your trust wallet address

  3. Hi sir i read that the minimum withdrawal is 250k that’s to much so I decide to leave it on Bitforex. Why im saying this is that the good thing about Bitforex is that they have a multi-chain cold storage on their platform that means everything what you store in the wallet (not spot) is offline. Do you know this?

  4. So it’s too late to send my OMI from my Trust Wallet to Bitforex for the automatic swap? Should I still send to Bitforex or just manual swap later?

  5. Slightly confused , I have bunch of OMI on my trust wallet ( gochain) , are you saying they will be swapped automatically as well ??

  6. At least those of us who had tokens on bitforex are in process of erc20 migration…rest of exchanges are waiting lunar year to end meaning God knows when these ppl will see their erc20 tokens…i had the same questions to some youtubers like how can we know if our tokens are swaped if we dont see info on exchange..anyway as u said we should wait for some more info on that…

  7. There is even a Twitter account that looks 99.8% the same but it’s a scam. Also, the ETH fees to move it to a cold wallet are much too high. I need to pay 100USD in order to test it once and then send it. That’s not really good in any way

  8. is it still the same process to buy OMI and if so, will it be the ERC20 token? Always bought XLM on CB then did the whole transfer process through Bitforex.

    And two, if I had my OMI in my Trust Wallet and then sent back to Bitforex before the migration date, are my tokens now ERC-20? Thanks homies! This is foreign to me and still an early investor, so slowly learning

  9. How do I know if the omi tokens on bit forex have been converted to ERC20?

  10. Hi guys. I didnt do the erc20 migration. I still have my Omi tokens on trustwallet go20. Is it some kind of mistake? Or do you recommend to transfer it to some exchange now? And will it be possibility to migrate on trustwallet someday and its better to not to do anything right now..confused a little bit.

  11. Greetings and much Respect Brother
    Thank you for your truthfulness and your help.
    Stay strong and pay close attention 👍

  12. Hi there, I made yesterday the transference of my OMI from my METAMASK wallet to my ASCENDEX account ,but after made the deposit in ASCENDEX I saw that OMI in ASCENDEX Exchange is now in ERC20 CHAIN , so I made the transference in wrong chains but in ASCENDEX my status deposit said ” SUCCESSFUL” but my ASCENDEX balance doesnt´t show this new deposit . Can I revert my transaction or recover my old OMI to GOCHAIN in METAMASK ?

  13. Stupid AscendEX for transmission in erc20 wants 6000 omi in go20 for transmission was 1 omi!