Welcome to the Patient Hodler channel: The official token migration is complete and the first crypto exchanges are performing the swap. But what is with Ecomi (OMI) on Gatio, Ascendex and OKex? When will the swap happen? We are going to look at this and what you need to do. We will also cover when you can get Ecomi (OMI) back to one of these exchanges. In the end we will cover Veve NFT drops for Saturday and Sunday which are Disney lenticular cards including Donald Duck and Marvel Mightys including Spiderman and Green Goblin as well as a Daredevil Comic.

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  1. The thing we were waiting for since… a long time ! Never doubt about this team and what they are capable of. Be paaaaatient et you’ll all be rewarded in a way or another

  2. Hi mate is the bitforex migration complete? Is it OK for me to withdraw my tokens bk into my trust wallet?

  3. What happens if you move your tokens from gatio to bitforex and not wait untill the migration

  4. Hi there, thanks for the great content 👌🏾. If I’m holding omi on OKX which is still on Gochain will the price action still match the new ECR-20 tokens which are migrated already on other exchanges?

  5. Thanks for these informations. Good job once again. I think your channel will grow if you continue to offer quality content. Well done 🤙🏽

    ⭕️MI 💥🚀

  6. You said first appearance. They are a first edition because cards/stamps/portraits go by editions.

  7. Bro! Thank you for this!! A lot of the OMI/Ecomi commentators sometimes neglect the details because they presume perhaps that everyone in the community is up to date with what’s going on. Breaking it down into simple chucks that are clear and easy to understand is really appreciated. Cheers, from Perth, Australia!

  8. Sorry, I’m a bit confused. I have my OMI in my trust wallet currently. When should I send it to Bitforex for the automatic swap?

  9. Bro can you please make a video on how to shift erc20 omi from exchanges to ledger? Thanks for everything you do bud..

  10. Another great video. Please use Iron Man Golden Moments nft as my patreon logo. I got him on the drop. My best drop by far. Good luck to everyone on this weekend’s drops.

  11. Can one still purchase Omi off Bitforex or other exchanges still (even during migration)?

  12. Can I still buy omi on Okex and just leave them there and let the exchange do the swap for me? Any help would be welcomed