Ecomi / OMI – Veve NFT Strategies w/ Veve Whale! 🐋

– Join us LIVE for an AMA with early OMI / Veve NFT investor and NFT artist Brock McBlockchain to discuss strategy and overall Ecomi / Veve / OMI thoughts. Everything is getting more competitive so I’m curious to hear Brocks insight, what can be coming, MCP vs flipping, when to strike in the markets, OMI predicitons, VeveVerse, bots & flagged accoutns, User growth, etc.
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  1. Brother bring some awareness to the veve IShowSpeed going on right now .. you guys have a platform and have a voice in this community don’t let this slide and people loose there valuables with live savings

  2. When you go to market and collectibles on veve, why are some people selling the same collectible for $1.5 thousand and some are selling them for $5 million. Is there some sort of difference? Are the ones selling for millions better in some way?

  3. Hi Tapes, I copied the new ETH contract address for OMI from coin Geko and tried to ad token to my Metamask. It gives error invalid address. Can you please post that on your vedios, so people can get correct address, as you can not rely on other places due to fake address, Thk. Anil

  4. Great video as per Taps! RE potential pokemon, imagine if you had a blind box for the base 3 (char, squirt, bulb) and you’d need to hodl for a year before they evolve into next, and hold for another year to get fully evolved. If you sell, the clock resets! Good or bad for the value of the NFT?

  5. I ain’t selling squat! I know like any good player of this game if they sell I buy and I’ll sell it back to you eventually, for a price!

  6. My A.D.D. literally won’t allow me to watch the video without constantly staring at that ridiculous mask. It is honestly the only reason I cant watch this video to the end lol.

  7. Very thought-provoking chat.
    Thanks so much for making this public.
    Those Feeshes look amazing!

  8. Hi taps just quick question, because jeremy and lots of other people were so hyped about omi burns.
    why would you care about burns if there are no buybacks (except burns from circulating supply that will come with OUP probably)?

  9. Great discussion 🙏…do you buy 10 comics of each rarity or 10 of one rarity or 2 of each rarity & 10 total ?

  10. Browsing IMX marketplace is like walking through a landfill, Veve is so much more enjoyable

  11. Ironclad proof that they were botting lmao
    The audacity of these botters man😂

  12. AWESOME! I have a question. You said you need to work in the shadows and buy what no one else is looking at but how do you know what is a good buy for e.g you guys said the hover boards are not recommended but how would you know that?