Ecomi / Veve – 1 Billion OMI Burning Weekly Makes OMI An Ultimate HODL Crypto 🚀

– Jeremy Padawer confirmed in our recent interview just how INSANE the OMI burn has amped up and that a supply shock for OMI may not be far away.. In this video I highlight the numbers, cover exactly what Jeremy says, cover Veve/Ecomi’s incredible success, Why the OMI price will go crazy, and how long it will take..
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  1. My app says ‘Service Unavailable.. Please try again soon’… It’s said this for days now. Is this normal? Does everyone have this issue at the moment? Should I reinstall the app? Thanks

  2. Love your content Taps. Quick point – I thought IMX would be a bigger deal, but as is not much added value. Need to be able to list all NFTs there, not just randos. Thoughts?

  3. Okay, let me ask some stupid questions. Why would we care for burning already non circ supply.
    Its out of supply. Already.
    The only thing that we would hope for is for buybacks to happen. And that is 10% from each first market purchase.
    so to “buy” all the circ supply ecomi would have to distribute about 10 bn in first market purchases.
    If the Token stays the same.
    I think as good as these burns sound, its not really what matters.
    Its more the omi to NFT what matters, because thats where the 2,5% from every trade gets taken off the circ supply.

  4. 2.5 years without counting Pokémon… but come on guys, everybody knows VEVE has secured Pokémon 😝🥳🔥⭕🚀

  5. Yes, but I think it should also be mentioned that they said they were at 1.5 million users before christmas. So technically, they haven’t had 20-30,000 new users a day. If they did, we should be at 2.1 or 2.2 million. Unless they are losing people just as fast.

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  8. Great Video as always Taps. Love to see your analysis, head and shoulders above everyone else out there making videos. Keep up the good work mate!

  9. Jeremy is like David Yu where both are very light hearted and laid back and then all of a sudden when they’re talking you realize they are on a different level of genius than everyone. It’s great to invest with these type people in a project.

  10. Hey taps. All the utility stuff, the buying with omi, that’s all great. But most of the first part of your vid with Jeremy is all about burn in the locked supply. And meanwhile david is saying “we can’t do buybacks or we will be flagged as a security”. So…. it all means nothing without buybacks. So when will the buybacks happen? To complete the picture you need to talk about buybacks, to the team or to your subs, but without buybacks 80% of this vid is not happening. 🤞🤞 I got my fingers crossed but we really don’t know how they are going to manage this. How?

    Scrolled down, everyone high diving and one single person going “um but buybacks” and taps saying he doesn’t understand. Lol! Fuck we’re a bunch of moonbois 😅😅😅😅😅

  11. That AMA was amazing. You guys would light up and smile every time he dropped some veiled knowledge or hint. I didn’t think I could be bullish. I don’t own enough omi…

  12. I think you are seriously letting the “FAM” down by not at all addressing the fud that will destroy your investment. Peoples accounts being locked is no joke. Maybe selfishly you can think of it as it possibly hurting your investment and do or say something. This needs attention ASAP

  13. Something is going on with veve check your date of birth if it matches your real one or if it’s off by 1 number .something shady is going on

  14. Bro we made an OMI video at almost the same time! I’ve always heard that great minds think alike 🧠 this is just further confirmation 🚀

  15. Hi everyone, I have 15 gems for sale, I live in South Africa so I can’t buy the drops due to crap internet and servers so my money is stuck there

    15 gems for 10USD

    I don’t mind giving my entire account details for you to send yourself

  16. Thank you for thorough analysis as always, Taps. So when are we able to trade veve NFTs in Immutable X?

  17. We are simply to unpatient, in a 4-5 years we are going to be extremely wealthy thanks to #OMI and #VeVe. It is not easy to follow something and not taking actions. So set your goals and let them drive you, it will be easier! #VeveVerse $OMI

  18. Do we know if OMI will be used for purchasing land in the VeVeVerse? It sounds logical to me, and could be a large catalyst, look what happened with SAND & MANA when their utility was for buying land in their metaverse projects

  19. I think there is one big thing nobody sees.
    In January 9.3b OMI went from the reserve to the vault wallet but only 4.4b burned !! once they enter the vault they never can go back – buybacks depend on the reserve wallet – not the vault wallet – it means if the rate stays the same (it won’t) and 9.3b omi go from the reserve wallet to the vault every months the reserve will be at 0 in 27 months. less than 2.5 years!

  20. what about restricted/disabled accounts? Veve is silent while people suffer

  21. I lost access to my collection of 333 items, 18 sets and 250+ followers, they say their system tagged my account, I didn’t receive 90% of the drops, what bots are you talking about?

  22. Thank you very much Taps for this valuable video. I always miss them after 1-2 days. :) You are great, keep up the good work. One question: after the migration where are you going to keep your OMI tokens? If there will be a possibility to stake OMI on a CEX, would you do it?

  23. Pokemon Go at something like 300 millions users (!?) –> Imagine the OMI burn rate that will happen if they indeed have Pokemon :-)

  24. Burn means nothing unless they buy back from the circulating supply.

    We need confirmation from the team on the current status of the buy backs. Are they still going to happen? Are the tokenomics detailed in the white paper still in place?

    I’m hearing rumours of legal issues surrounding the buyback system. Some are saying they are no longer allowed to buy back due to concerns that the token would be considered a security.

  25. Great video taps. Always enjoy your videos. I need to stop watching them before work as it makes me too bullish and just want to down tools and wait for the moon :) which characters would you like to see in golden moments s2 that Alex hinted at? So many to choose from!

  26. Taps.. that all sounds nice.. but veve’s growth is not matched by their scalability.. they are tresting the project like a village market while making millions an millions.. they need to step up asap

  27. I think one thing you have not mentioned is that growth may slow now that it is harder to make profit in the app. A lot of people jumped in because drops were easier to get. Also potential competitors like Recur could pull people away from the platform. These are factors we have not had to consider in the past. Im still very bullish on OMI though even with this in mind.

  28. Great video Taps, thank you. I have some questions I’d like to share. As the userbase will increase and the fight for NFT’s on the secondary market, don’t you think some collectibles will be way to expensive to buy? Ofcourse this is speculation. But we already see some collectibles 10-20X after the drop. Before is was 3-5X and that was a great gain.
    Second question: Is there a possibility for you to make a video/interview with the Veve/Ecomi team about their fight against bots and banned/restricted accounts? In the last couple of weeks i see some people on twitter who are (allegedly) innocent. That bothers me because we dont get any news from the team and now its getting a life of its own. Thanks for your time!

  29. From what ive heard in some AMA they wont do any buybacks because of legal issues? They may start buybacks if its necessary but thats actually ages away from my pov. Am i wrong?

  30. I think a lot of burns will take place but I keep hearing “if the price stays the same”. Correct me if I’m wrong, OMI is a 1:1 burn with the dollar. Current price of .007 means that $1 = 143 OMI. If the price doubles to .014 then $1 = 71 OMI. If the price doubles again to .028 then $1 = 36 OMI. The price doubling only twice, up to a price of .028 means that the burns are reduced by roughly 75%… so I feel like “a few years to burn it all” seems way off. Hopefully by then the VeVeverse and other projects will help with the burn🔥

  31. Getting rdy to watch your interview as well awesome video as always. Thanks Taps

  32. Same here. I’m not touching OMI. That bag is locked for at least 5-10 years. Rarely anyone gets rich overnight. Since 1-2 years the markets (including the traditional markets) have flooded with “get rich quick” amateurs. These people are hard to avoid, but if you’re wise, you ignore their voices and HODL all the way through. Time flies… Just look at how fast the last 2 years went by! You’ll be rich before you even expect it. It always comes when least expected. OMI is my best investment and one I’ll never ever regret.

  33. Another banger! Thanks for the detailed video Taps Also you look just like Chris Carabba lol

  34. You know as well as anyone that less is burned as the price of OMI goes up. Click bait.

  35. Another great video bro!~ I was watching that live when he said those numbers but he did it so fast it was hard to catch everything, glad you broke it down! 🚀🚀🚀

  36. 1$ by 2025? Well I hope so but i think its more likely to hit 1$ in 2030 or so.

  37. Talk is cheap. When will we actually see the impact of the burns? I don’t get it.