Ecomi VeVe Account Disabled & BOTS or 1.6 Million Users? BULLISH IMX News Is Coming, Coinbase NFT?

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  1. Has that ever happened to your account? What do you think the $IMX news is?

  2. My cousins account with a Walt in it has been disabled for over a month now unfortunately. Apparently if u have two phones logged in for drops you can get falsely flagged.. as precaution at the moment I don’t use my account with my stack of gems or NFT’s to attempt drops anymore

  3. I hear you, did Veve customer service explain why the account was disabled users log in with multiple phones now their getting caught no sympathy hear

  4. Now I’m paranoid I’m not a big famous guy I’ve been buying gems on discord I’m screwed maybe I should sell every nft they can’t take my gems right

  5. Marci account was disabled but she was a good sport and knew her account would be back up soon. Hence couple hours later she got her account back. So had no worries because she had nothing to hide.

    However I do question some of the other accounts. Which have been disabled for “months” and telling us soft stories about their life is ruined or their family is screwed etc. I’m not sure I believe them bro. Honestly I think there is more to their story.

    The issue is that veve is flagging innocent accounts and disabling them. Obviously their screener or whatever they use is not 100% accurate.

    But veve does take a second look at disabled accounts. In other words they quality control them.

    If they find the account innocent they get their account back. Sooner rather than later.

    If it takes weeks or months for an account holder to get their account back well I’d question what they did.

    I don’t believe everyone is innocent. I believe there is a lot of liars in the community.

    My two cents

  6. You missed the whole point of the shadyness with the date of birth 🤦‍♀️

  7. Lot of bad actors in VeVe community, lot of them deserve to be banned.

  8. Sucks the marketplace is going down being bots are dumping the floors, but glad they are getting weeded out and hopefully the market bumps back up. Just wish I had more gems to snag these good deals rn.

  9. i’ve been noticing the IMX coin has been pumping the past week and even with the dip in BTC and everything else just the other day IMX still went up another 10%… Something very bullish is brewing here.. Sadly OMI is on a slight dip though.

  10. We are all just done with how things are now. We don’t have any utility. We dont have anything to do. And now even OG members of the community get banned.

    Yes ofcourse those guys get unbanned within 2-3 hours. But if you are someone else you have to wait 70 hours to get unbanned, How fucking ridiculous is this??????

  11. It would be cool to see some graphs about drops, users, new users etc…

  12. What speaks volumes about NFTs is that the biggest Exchange Wallet (CoinBase) wants to their own NFT marketplace.
    I think they know that this is where pretty much all crypto is heading towards.