Ecomi Veve NFT Licensors also use Recur CEO Trevor George’s POD Family Business Trevco! Disney, DC



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  1. Gary Vee owns that website. Of course they will post things like that. None of the things are official until they actually listed on Recur’s website in my opinion. They are just hyping it up right now but can’t do it directly on Recur’s website for whatever reason. If they could, I am sure that they would of done it already. Christie’s Auction is most likely a publicity stunt if you think about it. Since they have no real product, they have to hype it up somehow. These are rich people games. If an officially licensed collectible from Disney like the Partners Statue goes only for 50K, why would anyone pay 420K for something that is unknown? Recur literally has no licensed products out yet. They created an illusion of demand so that people will maybe FOMO in.

  2. How those brands can give the same license to 2 projects like omi and recurve? Is this going to pick up the question ( what kind of license ecomi ( Veve ) have ?

  3. Everyone bussy picking sides while Just watching the show from the top … recur will make millionaires.. ain’t no locking your accounts with shady stuff .. veve reality felt heat they were in time line to get too layer 2 before recur launched and made them look like a real happy meal .. but veve isn’t staying behind .. what I’m trying to say is all along veve knew they had a time zone before recur came public and made veve user realize … “wait you can cash out and transfer to secure wallets ? And less chance for bots? “ then that’s when we would see veve slowly prices start to decline wait what’s happening right now ??? Hmmm

  4. Bro I have some info shady stuff goin on with veve with proof message me know

  5. No cap, if padawar, Kahn, and anyone in Pokémon let MULTIPLE people have the Pokémon license I’ll be pisssedddddd. Only ECOMI should have it.

  6. No, Ecomi is not collaborating with Recur. Licensing is very complex, hence why you see the overlap in IP. Might be worth thinking of Ecomi and Recur as a Microsoft and Apple. It’ll be a battle for market share no doubt. Curious to see how the recur NFT’s look like in comparison to VeVe.

  7. I don’t care if its a nft kraft single, I’m stacking as many as I can

  8. VeVe’s wanna-be Recur will need years to establish the kind of market VeVe has. We’ll see how they do but I’m not worried. VeVe already has multiple drops of all of these IP. Why would anyone want the 27th Batman dropped on a new format? Competition is a good thing but I’m not worried.

  9. All talk until they release someone. Jesus people paperhands and jump at shadows.

  10. Call me dumb but why does it say in the title, trusted by 1200 brands? What does that mean? Are they implying that they have those licenses because the wording seems very sneaky. Is it just me?

  11. Except you, nobody talks about it ! This is very risky !! Maybe Veve will release Pokémon this year to retaliate

  12. Many of the collectables will never be FAs for many of the overlapping brands!

  13. I thank recur made a agreement 🤝 no way you have the Pokémon IP the star wars IP witch veve has partnership with. Also keep in mind who? Brought Pokemon to the US do you really think V3VE would give up one of their top IP to a company that they’re competing with. 🤔 just my take on the subject idk still studying in learning my self but & do time all questions will be answered. ⭕💯🚀

  14. I predict pokemon on Veve February 27th (Pokemon day). And the article was just comparing distributing its first recur passes to the distributing of the first pokemon cards, I don’t think it was anything more than that tbh. Multiple platforms will probably gain access to the pokemon license in the future I’m sure, but who gets FA and the best utility is the main thing.

  15. Need to be a little careful here. None of these brands are confirmed with recur. The article is worded in a way to trick the reader. It is saying the owners of recur have worked with these in the past so you can be excited about what is to come. Shady if you ask me and they’re clinging on to what they can as these brands double down in veve. Just my 2 cents

  16. Even if they got the same brands, we got the firsts of a lot of those brands. Recur is getting seconds because the blockchain knows who ate first (VeVe).

  17. The fact it has Gary Vees backing is absolutely huge! That guy doesn’t mess about! He’s putting his reputation on the line – and would never do that for money! He has no need to! I think this could be bigger than VEVE

  18. I kind of just wish I could go back in time and spend the 300 for a recur pass, but oh well.

  19. That article is just some unofficial waffle bro. Recur haven’t announced any of those huge brands apart from hello kitty and a couple of others. That image showing all the licenses is far more likely related to VeVe than Recur! I don’t doubt Recur will do okay in the space but they haven’t got anything on VeVe.

    Sorry that needed to be all caps.

    I don’t understand the relevance of him sharing this screenshot for the interview of his physical goods business.
    Guy is hyping.
    And btw, do you know how many other physical merchandise companies ALSO aquire the same licensing he flaunts?

    What is the big deal.

  21. Recur is a balloon with a small hole in it, it will noting but air coming out…….!!! Gary V Clown……naaahhhhhhh

  22. until full ownership of the nft, and resolve the bot/ban account, i’m out from veve, i spend 20k+ and I’m afraid to loose all because ecomi/veve fail the nft/metaverse rally.

  23. I don’t think they are working with each other. What would ecomi gain from working with recurr

  24. They said licensing is done in 3 different ways like golden moments was a promotional. McDonald’s and Burger King never had the same IP and Disney never went to Burger King they stayed with McDonald’s. Same will be for future of nfts. Veve is the McDonald and recur is BK.
    Bk back then did have Pokémon and that was the best they got ever. While mcds still has Disney all the rest of the big IP.
    Big IPs have learned from this and as you see toys today. BK doesn’t have good toys anymore. With that being said Pokémon , Disney, marvel won’t leave VEVE for another platform unless they make their own and even then it won’t be FA anymore.

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  26. Truly believe pokemon is too big for one platform to meet the demands of the pokemon community, pokemon go has over a billion downloads, think about it. I love veve and think pokemon will have multiple options for its fans

  27. Trevco is “Trusted by 1200+ brands”. Says nothing about partnering with recur.

  28. No f**ks found for Recur. I searched high and low. But it appears they are nowhere to be found. Maybe one will be found the day they actually have anything other than just a deadcord that gets closed everyday.

  29. I’m so glad I got a pass for $285. Don’t be stubborn. Drop the ego. Veve is awesome but to ignore Recur would be a very big mistake. This is a huge opportunity here.

  30. I would only bet on the brands on their website for the time being. Does it say trusted brands ar recur brands?

  31. Ha I’ll believe it when they make an official announcement, just rumor like everything else with recur

  32. Transformers! You skipped past the past they talked about cashing out this month for US.

  33. You don’t know much about the space. Did you not even listen to recur ama yesterday? Complete trash.